Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Almost out of TP, soap, & food, Massachusetts bars/restaurants closed for a month ... BUT liquor store was stocked + authors (me too! see below) generously offering free books = bring on quarantine AKA forced-diet. :P *Digs out hoard of mini hotel body wash from under the sink and unwraps protein bar* GET CREATIVE, Y'ALL!

But in all seriousness, even if you're unlikely to experience anything more than flu-like symptoms, please be safe and stay home to prevent transmitting the virus to who are more at risk from COVID-19. It's a trying time, so think of how to be healthy -- mental health included, especially while staying home. I'm here to help however I can -- get in touch! And sending you all CCD-approved virtual hugs and support.

It's heartwarming to see so many folks supporting each other right now. Love in the time of Corona ♥️

Take advantage of my efforts to help in the crisis:

- offering FREE direct-to-kindle copies of Silent Siren and Fish(y) out of Water in Quarantine Relief Books from Authors to Readers - extended the Loan Soul series SALE to 3/31 (+ free on KU): - don't forget the FREE novella if you subscribe to my newsletter at - As always, there's a stack of FREE, DISCOUNT, FREE-in-KU books linked below.


Here's my latest news...

1. #LoanSoul book 3 released on March 13.Grab Three Broke Souls now and get caught up on books 1 and 2 -- the whole series is on sale March 13-15 and FREE on KU

2. After a massive Valentine's sale, in which over 1000 downloads of these books occurred, I'm hoping y'all have had a chance to meet Darcie and Dash. If not, you can also check out the newly released Loan Soul Novella, The Quick Dead Fox, which is free to all newsletter subscribers!

3. Upon the release of book 3, the cover reveal and preorder for book 4, Four Poor Souls, IS NOW UP!

4. Surprise! I've put the CC series up for pre-order as a box set! It's a steal for 3 full books plus a NEW SHORT STORY! I'm moving up the release to April 24 so folks can read while home! Pre-order so it arrives as soon as I hit publish on Amazon! It'll be free in KU.

5. March freebies and deals are below (regularly updated):

Here's to our efforts to quarantine curtailing this crisis. Best of luck and all the best wishes for health to you and yours. Happy reading and stay curious! Love and snuggles, ~L.B. xx

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Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Happy 29-day-long February! We made it through January. It was both eternal and fast for me. I did manage to stick to some goals for 2020, but I've had some other detours. I found more was needed to tell the story in my next book release so I'm a bit behind in my writing schedule, but hope to catch back up soon by adding a new goal: less time on social media (mental health bonus) and more time reading between writing.

I've also caught up on all the shows on my backlog so that's helpful, including: The Witcher, Bojack Horseman, The End of the F***ing World, Zumbo's Just Desserts, the Mandalorian, and Sabrina. I also watched 10 Things I Hate About You recently because Heath Ledger. What have you been watching? Any suggestions?

February is the month of LOVE and because I LOVE you, I've got some goodies for you below. Do you do anything special for Valentine's Day? What about for Leap Day? (Are there any traditions associated with that? Proposals in Ireland? Or is that just my favorite Chick Flick?)


1. All Feb One Loan Soul is 0.99 . Catch up on this beloved dark urban fantasy now before Three Broke Souls releases next month.) Check out the giveaways on my Facebook page & in my reader group.

1.5 OLS is also up for Book of the Month at Read Freely. Please go vote!

2. There's a new newsletter subscriber free novella coming that takes place in the #LoanSoul world releasing VALENTINE'S DAY.

Sign up at to download The Quick Dead Fox as soon as it becomes available.

3. This fabulous new cover by Covers by Christian on my upper YA Dystopian trilogy is up for Cover of the Month. If you head on over and vote for it, I'd so appreciate it! NOW CLOSED -- thanks to all who voted.

4. Grab all the February freebies and deals below (which are updated throughout the month):

Enjoy your palindrome month (02/20)! Until March, happy reading and stay curious! Love and snuggles, ~L.B. xx

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HAPPY NEW DECADE! New month, new year, new decade. Time to reflect and plan. Do you have a resolution? Mine: read more (duh), gym more (double duh), and set better limits/boundaries (mental health is important! I want far fewer -- or better yet 0 -- breakdowns than last year).

In the last decade, I became an author, went to a book con, won a few awards, released a bestseller, and finished my first trilogy. This next decade, I aim to finish several more series -- I can think of 4 at least (Loan Soul, Fae Portal Protector, Trials of a Tree Nymph and a secret one), find my genre footing with mythological supernatural suspense/urban fantasy, release audiobooks, write co-authored series, and attend several more book conventions around the US if not the world. Fingers crossed!

January is the last month for a few deals and giveaways:

1. One Loan Soul is $0.99 (globally) and FREE on Kindle Unlimited. It was also recently voted the 12th BEST INDIE BOOK OF 2019. Three Broke Souls, Book 3, is out next month pre-order for a discount -- releasing next month.

2. There's a new newsletter subscriber free novella coming that takes place in the #LoanSoul world releasing this month. Sign up at to get access to The Quick Dead Fox.

3. The Climatic Climacteric trilogy just got a whole new EPIC look! Huge thanks to the amazing work of Covers by Christian. All 3 books are on sale on ALL retailers until January 31st! Go grab your copies of this international bestseller and 14th Best Indie Book of 2018 now! There's a giveaway here.

4. The last few #GiftItForward Giveaways are going up in my reader group on Facebook -- winner picks the prize from my *signed paperbacks* bookshelf (see photo) AND to whom I send it (yourself or as a surprise for a friend/family member)!

5. NOW onto the links to all the January freebies and deals (or click the images below):

Hope you had a nice holiday season. And happy New Year to you and yours! What are you most looking forward to in 2020? Any book releases you're anxiously awaiting? What was your favorite/biggest accomplishment in 2019 or the last decade? What are your aspiration for the next year and decade?

Happy reading and stay curious! Love and snuggles, ~L.B. xx

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