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I LOVE spooky season! My significant otter and I are once again doing "Spooktober" where we watch a spooky movie each day. I kicked it off with Nightmare Before Christmas (a recurring favorite) and the new Hocus Pocus 2! Have you seen it yet? Anyone else calling to their current read with a Winifred-style, "BooOOk!"

Who doesn't love a dastardly witch tale? Obviously not me! I wrote a series based on witch lore--based on the witch trials in the UK, instead of the infamous ones in Salem. (Don't miss the FREEBIE and sale in that series!)

That's just one of many things I love autumn: All the attention the creepy creatures, lore, and villains get. If you've read any of my books, you'll know that, for me, dark mysteries, paranormal beings, haunting legends, and gray characters are on my mind year-round, but in October, everyone's invested! :)

That's why I've got two Halloween ebook sales AND a Branwyn Blood release this month for y'all, plus free fantasy ebooks and an fantasy audiobook fair open til Oct. 31. Click to jump to each section or scroll on to learn more!

On the left: Pumpkin spice candles burning on my bookshelf. Middle: Spooktober kicked off with Hocus Pocus 2! Right: Night Stalker is coming to paperback!

It's the most hauntingly dark time of year--the perfect time to meet Darcie Rose, a body-possessing soul, and her reanimated taxidermy fox, Dash. Oh, and the Devil's henchman, Demon Vin, trying to drag her back to Hell. 

This is book one in the four-book complete multi-award-winning Loan Soul series!


As Samhain (Halloween) approaches, witch hunts in England are resurrected. This time, the hunters are the descendants of the man long ago cursed by a witch to shift into a wolf. By now, everyone should know that death can't stop a powerful witch. And Dot, the fox-shifter, is apparently in the middle of it. 

Get book one via Kindle Unlimited and then grab the second book in the complete and popular The Fox and the Howl trilogy with ancient feuds, new but dark magic, a menagerie of familiars, friends-to-enemies-to-lovers (star-crossed) romance, and a ghost for good measure.


Each month, I'm revealing something new about the upcoming Branwyn Blood series until book 1 releases! Sign up to my newsletter to give input on the series, and join my fan group to get bonus material!


If you're a newsletter subscriber, you'll have received your exclusive gift ecopy of the Branwyn Blood prequel: Night Stalker. If you've read it, please leave a review of Night Stalker on Goodreads! For those who want a physical copy, it's coming to paperback on ALL retailers soon!

Get dark and creepy this October with the eerie elf who steals children in the night--and the haunting, blood-sucking spirit who will do anything to destroy the elf.

I'll announce when it's available on my social media/newsletter (hopefully, this month). Stay tuned!


All those who signed up to help with the book one cover reveal will soon find in their mailbox an envelope full of character art, a map, coaster, and stickers--plus a fun scratch-off lotto-ticket card to reveal the cover of the Body Snatcher (Branwyn Blood book one), which you can video or snap a photo of for your social media to enter a $20 raffle!


Through Oct. 31: FREE Fantasy Books!

Get 85 exclusive fantasy books for FREE in the following genres: paranormal paranormal/shifter romance, fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, and young adult fantasy.

Searching for your next favorite audiobook? Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of over 80 AMAZING fantasy audiobooks:

Get your copy of Night Stalker, a Branwyn Blood novella, by signing up at


Follow me on social media so you don't miss any of the above limited-time sales! I'd also LOVE to hear from you!

I'm launching a new Facebook reader group co-hosted by several other AMAZING dark, twisted, and delightful authors where we hope you'll come and chat books with other dark paranormal/urban fantasy readers! More on that soon!

See what I'm reading (check out my reviews) by subscribing to my newsletter where you'll also get a FREE novella, the latest news, sales, and giveaways, and chances to give input on my stories!


Happy pumpkin-spicy, trick-or-treat, horror-filled, leaf-peeping, cinnamon-scented, supernatural-creature-filled October!


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