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Harbingers of Death
A New Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Trilogy
Co-Written by LeAnn Mason

Now a complete trilogy

Read the full series on loan in Kindle Unlimited.

For those serving prison sentences, they bring sentences of death. #BansheeScream with the HDPU. For fans of Dannika Dark, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Burn Notice comes a gritty NA tale of self-discovery, mysterious pasts, and slow-burn romance with snarky shifters, gorgeous Egyptian gods, and quirky creatures of Greek and Celtic mythology. See our mood board on Pinterest!

Coming next from L.B. Carter & LeAnn Mason's HDPU world: Vera's spinoff trilogy! Stay tuned!


Death Song

Her songs may sound beautiful.
But they're a death knell. And she's tired of it.

When death is life, there is no escape.


Jessica is drop-dead gorgeous. Literally. Being a siren of myth, the southern blond bombshell can’t help but lure in romantic partners -- and victims. After years of working with the Harbingers of Death, escorting recently deceased souls across the veil, Jess is tired of losing those she could grow to love.


Having lost his love, Stone finds his only solace in reprieves from the Ferry, engaging in mind-numbing one-night stands. Losing himself to the music of whatever club he is in and ending the night with a bedroom tango is about all he’s good for anymore.


When Jess lays eyes on the hellhound shifter while on forced vacation, it seems like a perfect match to dive into. Two supernaturals are more than capable of keeping up with the other. And unlike a human, they aren't likely to kick the bucket anytime soon.


But a harbinger is never free from death.

Tales of the sea, hidden cities, fierce pirates, and magical creatures...

Join the authors of From The Deep as they plunge into the mysterious below to explore the wonders, horrors, and curiosities of the sea. Mermaids, ancient underwater cities, sea gods, creatures of legend, pirates, and more await you inside this multi-author collection!


Mortal Scream

Don't get caught.
It's the most important lesson... and I failed.

Don't get caught. It's the most important lesson... and I failed.

Living life on the move and under the radar, you'd think I'd know not to scream when witnessing a murder. It should be a no-brainer, but my mouth didn't get the memo, drawing the cops to the wrong conclusion: me. 

And the deaths don't stop there.

When I foresee the demise of one of the officers, my open trap catches the attention of one of the scariest gangs in the whole prison. But they're not concerned with me -- they want the guard.

They say they're a supernatural team tasked with overseeing the mortal sentence of convicted criminals... and apparently, I'm just like them. A Harbinger of Death.

I thought getting locked up was the worst my life could get. Lesson learned.


Fatal Sight

I am a banshee. And a Harbinger of Death. Apparently, being the one makes me the other.

Recruited into the Prison Unit, my job entails the exact thing my parents always warned me against: getting caught. But while on my first assignment the plan goes wrong. Deadly wrong. My haunting guilt and my new team’s hostility are enough to turn me away, and I'm crushed to find that Seke agrees -- so I try a few new teams.


Until I want to scream.

Time to peace out and hunt down the druid who can rebind my powers. But it turns out I’m not the only one doing the hunting, and suddenly, my unknown past is catching up with me.

Who will get to me first? The vampires with a lust for immortality who thought they’d hunted banshees to extinction? Or the human detective after the serial killer linked to several deaths?

Can banshees announce their own deaths? I have a lot to learn. Fast.


Grave Notice

I saved my mother but damed myself

With the supernatural ability to foretell death, I expected to keep deadly company. But I never anticipated being prisoner to a horde of immortality-seeking undead. I was finally accepted by the HDPU — then I went and traded my freedom for my mother’s. Now, it’s my turn to endure abuse at the hands of the vampires who want my prophetic powers.

But I’m still being hunted. Turns out not all vampires are on board with having a pet banshee on the leash, and some still want me silenced... for good. Time to kill two vamps with one stone — er, scream. With my mom aiding Seke and the team, we can show these fangers just what the last two banshees can do.

Hopefully, I can complete my self-appointed mission before someone succeeds at putting me in an early grave.


Harbingers of Death Omnibus

For those serving life sentences, we bring sentences of death.

Living life on the move and under the radar, you'd think I'd know not to scream when witnessing a murder but apparently not. Wrongfully accused, I’m tossed into lockup—with a grim cellmate.

I guess that makes sense when I find out she’s a mythical death omen, and—kicker—so am I.

Recruited into the secret Harbingers of Death organization’s Prison Unit, I join a sultry siren, broody hellhound, grim raven, and fiery phoenix, none of whom seem to like me much. Under a sexy-as-hell Egyptian god team lead, I help them ferry souls across the veil. With this new start, I have to leave my solo, nomad life behind, but honing my newly unbound powers and fitting into their family proves difficult.

It gets worse when the mysterious past that made me an orphan catches up to me: vampires of all things—dead humans who cling to their souls to avoid crossing to the other side. They want to take out the last banshee and expose humans to the horrors that lurk in the shadows of death.

Who’s screaming now? Oh, it’s still me.

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