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No Goals

Happy new year! As we tread carefully into the untouched ground of 2023, I'm refreshing my goals. And the first one: make fewer goals.

As people-pleasing perfectionist, I excel at assigning myself unnecessary extra work, overly short deadlines, and stressfully complex plans. I'm trying to stay more present--meaning more vacations, fewer/more reasonable promises, less time on social media, but more time reading and writing!

If you missed it, catch up on my 2022 accomplishments. In 2023, I'm hoping (but not promising) to bring to life:

  • a new series

  • a revival of an old series

  • a co-write spinoff

  • a standalone in a new genre

  • bookish fun, sales, swag in between.

Do you have any resolutions for 2023? Do you have a 2023 reading goal?


Check out the first news and offers of the year below, including (click to jump to that section):

From the left: in 2022, I published 3 books, finishing 2 series and starting a new one; I'm kicking off my 2023 reading tracker; and I'm starting with some audiobooks--and a cat.


Fish(y) out of Water will be on sale Jan. 19-24 in the U.S. and U.K.! This standalone is a crime thriller with women's fiction vibes that features a neurotic bookworm, adorable adopted pets, and a motley crew of friends--or are they foe? Follow me on social media or subscribe to my newsletter for a reminder.



The popular Loan Soul series is coming soon to hardcover as an omnibus and boxset! And with that comes a brand new cover! Stay tuned for the reveal and the release.

Plus, you may have noticed above that there may be more for the Devils Deals crew coming soon. So catch up on books 1-4 with this omnibus, or find all 4 books separately in Kindle Unlimited or books 1-3 on Audible!

Follow me on social media or subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to see the new cover and get information on how to get your hands on this new book--with bonus scenes!


Each month, I'm revealing something new about the upcoming Branwyn Blood series until book 1 releases. Sign up to my newsletter to give input on the series, and join my fan group to get bonus material.


Prequel Now Available in Paperback

Grab your copy of the Branwyn Blood prequel: Night Stalker in paperback and get a sneak peek at Chapter One of book 1, Body Snatcher! Please leave a review of Night Stalker. I'd love to hear what you think!


Interested in Being a Beta or ARC Reader?

Body Snatcher is almost ready for readers!

Are you interested in being a beta reader? This role requires critical feedback, like catching plot holes or character/plot development issues. In other words, a deep evaluation of the story as a whole (not typos/grammar; it goes through an edit after). Contact me via social media or email me: if interested!

After that, the book will be ready for my launch team to read and review about a month or so prior to release. Want to join my launch team? Head to my launch team on Facebook.



While I keep my relationship with social media healthy in 2023, here's how to stay in touch:


Join The Readers' Lair

Do you love wickedly dark paranormal/urban fantasy books? Join several authors and readers who love gothic supernatural tales! 

I'll be posting my news, requests for input, sales, teasers, and more in this group (phasing out Carter's Wild Crew)--as will the other authors--in this group. But it's also a place where you can share your bookish suggestions, thoughts, chat with fellow readers, and have fun!


Through Jan. 31: FREE Fantasy Books


Get a Free Book Gift

See what I'm reading (check out my reviews) by subscribing to my newsletter!

Subscribers get a FREE novella

as well as the latest news, sales, and giveaways, and chances to give input on my stories!


Happy 2023! Wishing you the best this year.

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