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No Goals

Happy new year! As we tread carefully into the untouched ground of 2023, I'm refreshing my goals. And the first one: make fewer goals.

As people-pleasing perfectionist, I excel at assigning myself unnecessary extra work, overly short deadlines, and stressfully complex plans. I'm trying to stay more present--meaning more vacations, fewer/more reasonable promises, less time on social media, but more time reading and writing!

If you missed it, catch up on my 2022 accomplishments. In 2023, I'm hoping (but not promising) to bring to life:

  • a new series

  • a revival of an old series

  • a co-write spinoff

  • a standalone in a new genre

  • bookish fun, sales, swag in between.

Do you have any resolutions for 2023? Do you have a 2023 reading goal?


Check out the first news and offers of the year below, including (click to jump to that section):

From the left: in 2022, I published 3 books, finishing 2 series and starting a new one; I'm kicking off my 2023 reading tracker; and I'm starting with some audiobooks--and a cat.


Fish(y) out of Water will be on sale Jan. 19-24 in the U.S. and U.K.! This standalone is a crime thriller with women's fiction vibes that features a neurotic bookworm, adorable adopted pets, and a motley crew of friends--or are they foe? Follow me on social media or subscribe to my newsletter for a reminder.