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Awarded Reader's Favorite 2020 gold medal in Paranormal Fiction.
Voted Read Freely's 12th Best Indie Book of 2019 by readers!

Them multi-award-winning Loan Soul series is a paranormal fantasy with a macabre twist, a captivating and darkly humorous adventure for fans of Supernatural, iZombie, and Good Omens that leaves readers *dying* for more with a strong, independent, hard-working heroine; slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance; vengeance and second chances; adorable zombie animals; subverted stereotypes; and delightfully wicked twist on the occult. 


"Who knew the working system in Hell could be so interesting? ... a bizarre but entertaining supernatural fantasy with an imaginative premise. ... an engaging story from start to finish." ~5-star medal from Readers Favorite

"Don't take my word for it, just pick up a copy and read. You won't regret it!" ~5-star Amazon reviewer

"Clear your schedule because the fast-paced 'bodyhoppin' (not an 80s dance) needs 100% focus so you can fully enjoy this hellish (in a good way) ride." ~5-star Amazon UK reviewer

"I was completely captivated through out the entire story never a dead moment. [...] L.B. Carter is a master at weaving comedy and supernatural suspense together into something truly spectacular!" ~5-star Amazon reviewer


One Loan Soul

The Reader's Favorite 2020 gold medal winner in Paranormal Fiction and Read Freely's 12th Best Indie Book of 2019 as voted by readers!

Don't sell your soul to the Devil. Loan it instead!

Your body will be in good hands while you’re gone. Darcie Rose is Satan’s best substitute soul.

Well, she was.

Something has glitched in Hell’s souls-on-loan-exchange program, and Darcie is sent Earth-side without knowing who she’s possessing or why she’s body-hopping.

When she comes face-to-face with the cheating ex-fiancé who caused her death, Darcie is in danger of breaking Lucifer's only two rules, exposing the reality of the afterlife to the living.

What used to be a vacation from purgatory has become Hell on Earth. Unless Darcie can return to Hell without drawing attention, Luci may just show up and send her back himself… to the deepest torturous bowels for an eternity of punishment.


Two Sold Mates

Darcie Rose thought she had escaped Hell.
Instead it followed her to Earth..

Darcie Rose thought she had escaped Hell. Instead it followed her to Earth.

When she died, Darcie Rose did all she could to return to the land of the living, including signing on to Lucifer’s loan program as a substitute soul. Now she's stuck on Earth, dragged there by the very man who caused her death. She’s desperate to return to the Overworld to avoid adding to her sentence of damnation. That’s not an easy feat, even for Luci’s best employee. Especially since Darcie’s new partner is an apathetic demon whose ignorance of the living threatens to expose them … and he’s wearing her former fiancé’s body. To dig her grave even deeper, her sidekicks are a one-eyed, undead fox and a zombie lizard.

She’s a doubly dead girl walking … unless she can get her ducks on the road. 

Can Darcie break the ties that trap her in innocent casings on Earth, including the best friend who betrayed her? Can she convince the Devil’s henchman — and her broken, unbeating heart — to forgive a mistake made in the name of love?

3 broken souls.jpg

Three Broke Souls

Darcie Rose thought a promotion would improve Hell. Instead she’s become the Devil’s henchman.

Darcie Rose thought a promotion would improve Hell. Instead she’s become the Devil’s henchman.

A year since she started working for the Devil’s Deals Souls On Loan Exchange program, Darcie Rose has been promoted to demon. But the perk of portal-controlling powers doesn’t overshadow the cold-hearted task of her next mission: “Handle” all the taxidermied animals that she accidentally reanimated in order to restore Earth to its natural order.

That isn’t the only cloud on her parade.

Someone is collecting the scattered zombie animals before she can. Darcie has to call on those she ditched in Hell to solve this case, even her its-complicated ex-fiance, her it’s-more-complicated ex-best friend, and her it’s-most-complicated former jerk of a demon partner.  

Can they work together to find all the animals? Can Darcie convince herself to return her furry sidekick fox and lizard to the grave? Or will humanity be exposed to the horrors of Hell and the possessed among them, a failure Lucifer will definitely punish with more than just a demotion?

4 poor souls.jpg

Four Poor Souls

Larkynn Bern had prepared for death.
Instead, life won’t let her go.

Larkynn Bern had prepared for death. Instead, life won’t let her go.

A painful death was inevitable as cancer ravaged Larkynn’s body, but the reaper’s pull came much sooner than expected. And it toyed with her. After a near-death fall that did kill her best friend, her mind dragged her to the bowels of Hell. Locked in a psych ward, she hallucinated demons, zombies, and her deceased friend. 

She should have joined them, but Larkynn slipped right through the reaper's fingers.

Larkynn's soul has gone missing from Hell, and it's up to a plucky cast of souls to find her without the living becoming aware. Can Larkynn escape with their help? When it comes to saving her soul or all those on Earth, will she decide to kill or barter with the Devil himself?


No Free Souls

Death should mean rest in peace.
Instead death is torture for the souls who reap.

Kida Ballo has reaped far more souls than years she had on Earth.


As the Devil's debt collector, she's supposed to lead a quiet afterlife. She gets to help poor souls depart their suffering on Earth.


But the chance to help several kidnapped targets throws her deep into her dark memories.

Can Kida face her demons and bring justice into Hell?


Loan Soul Omnibus

Books 1-4 + Bonus Novella: No Free Souls

Why sell your soul to the Devil when you can take out a loan instead? Sounds like a great deal, right?

It is for Darcie Rose, who regularly escapes Hell (literally) to sub into the bodies of the temporarily soulless. It's called the Souls on Loan Exchange, and she's employee of the month again... until something goes wrong.

Stuck on Earth in the wrong body, facing her betraying ex, no less, she's just broken Lucifer's only two rules. Oh and she accidentally resurrected a taxidermy fox. Now, his surly demon henchmen is coming for her.

Just Hell.

Can they work together to root out Hell's traitor and stop his nefarious plans to expose possession to humans? Can Darcie face--and forgive--those in her past life who caused her premature fate when Hell hath no fury like a woman burned? Or will she earn eternal torture in purgatory instead of rest in peace?

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