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There's nothing like the present... and giving or receiving a present. And November is big on that.

It's my birthday month, U.S. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday (which I consider to be Christmas gift buying/panic time), NaNoWriMo (that's kind of a gift to you because it jumps me out of sluggish writing and gets books to you faster), and most importantly a few days off work (the best present, I think).

For those new to NaNoWriMo, I'll quickly explain that it's the National Novel Writing Month when authors around the world support each other in writing a whole novel in one month (50,000 words in 30 days). This year, I'm using it to write Branwyn Blood book 2! Send motivation!

I have gifts for you too:

I'm hosting TWO Black Friday/Cyber Monday FREE ebook sales (along with other limited-time FREE paranormal bestsellers), just released a new paperback you can gift this holiday season, and am launching with other twisted paranormal authors a new reader hangout with GIVEAWAYS!!!

On the left: new Nights Stalker paperback book. Middle: my latest read--Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs. Right: Autumnal bookshelf decorations!

1. Nov. 24-28: MORTAL SCREAM = FREE

A gritty NA tale of self-discovery, mysterious pasts, and slow-burn romance with snarky shifters, gorgeous Egyptian gods, and quirky creatures of Greek and Celtic mythology.

Co-authored by LeAnn Mason, this is book 1 in the complete beloved Harbingers of Death trilogy! The whole trilogy is in Kindle Unlimited.

2. Nov. 24-28: WOLVES WOOD = FREE

As Samhain approaches, witch hunts in England are resurrected. This time, the hunters are the descendants of the man long ago cursed by a witch to shift into a wolf. By now, everyone should know that death can't stop a powerful witch. And Dot, the fox-shifter, is apparently in the middle of it.

Read book one in the complete and popular The Fox and the Howl trilogy with ancient feuds, new but dark magic, a menagerie of familiars, friends-to-enemies-to-lovers (star-crossed) romance, and a ghost for good measure. The whole trilogy is in Kindle Unlimited.


Each month, I'm revealing something new about the upcoming Branwyn Blood series until book 1 releases! Sign up to my newsletter to give input on the series, and join my fan group to get bonus material!


In case you missed it in the October newsletter, here's the book summary for Body Snatcher (Branwyn Blood #1)! Intrigued? Get ready for the cover reveal!

From Underhill to Hill Country... exiled fae hide from oppression. Driven to help. Compelled to hurt. It falls to an overworked Brownie to keep Fae darkness in check. As a Brownie hidden in plain sight, one magic word uttered in my presence—even without my hearing aid—hijacks my autonomy and contorts me into a subservient Samaritan: help. When a child goes missing and bodies turn up around Austin, I'm compelled to hunt. The culprit had better pray I find them before the deadlier Fae exiled to Hill Country exterminate the threat using claws and teeth. But as I close in on the killer, I begin to fear my obedient nature could be used against me. Will the twisted agenda of a vengeful mind turn me into the villain? Body Snatcher is the first full-length novel of the Branwyn Blood: The Exiled Fae of Texas series by award-winning, internationally bestselling author L.B. Carter, which intertwines Welsh/Celtic lore, supernatural crime mystery, and mercenary action in a noir urban fantasy with antiheroes, gray villains, and diverse characters. Trigger warning: This story contains some adult language/situations, gore, and references to abuse and oppression.

Nov. 24-28: Paranormal FREEBIES!

In a HUGE Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, 20 paranormal books (including Wolves Wood and Mortal Scream) by several bestselling authors, like Jen L. Grey and Heather Hildenbrand, are FREE Thursday Nov. 24 through Monday Nov. 28. Grab these paranormal ebooks NOW:

Get your copy of Night Stalker, a Branwyn Blood novella, by signing up at


Follow me on social media so you don't miss any of the above limited-time sales! I'd also LOVE to hear from you!

I've launched a new Facebook reader group co-hosted by several other AMAZING dark, twisted, and delightful authors designed FOR READERS. We hope you'll come and chat books with other dark paranormal/urban fantasy readers! Join now!

See what I'm reading (check out my reviews) by subscribing to my newsletter where you'll also get a FREE novella, the latest news, sales, and giveaways, and chances to give input on my stories!


May your penultimate month this year be a wonderful present!

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