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Wrap Up

I'm over here thinking it's 2019 still and we're heading into 2023. Mind blown.

I'm afraid 2022 was a bit of a slower year for me release wise than I wanted it to be, but now that I'm thinking back, I actually got a lot more accomplished than I thought. I encourage you to think back and write down a few of your successes. :)

Plus there's still this month to wrap things up--and I don't just mean gifts. I mean your reading challenge, your unfinished home projects, your half-done hobby projects, your travel planning, and your down time! Never forget that giving yourself time to rest is also an accomplishment.

Read on for:

Click on the above or scroll! I also invite you to send me an email a or message on social media with thoughts on this blog post: what you accomplished this year, what you're looking forward to win the next, and what you want to see from these posts or my 2023 plans!


In 2022, I wrapped up:

The Fox and the Howl

Harbingers of Death trilogy


Branwyn Blood Prequel

A step toward better mental health

In 2023, I'm excited for:

The Readers' Lair

Look below to learn more about this new fan group I joined along with five other authors who also write wickedly dark paranormal/urban fantasy books! We launched at the end of November with 6 weeks of giveaways heading into 2023. Come join us!

This will be my main hangout in 2023 (likely phasing out my Crew and the Madhouse fan groups), though I'll also keep my Instagram going, so I can focus on just one thing and keep my time better balanced between you, my lovely bookish friends, and writing. :)

A New Look for a Loan Soul Omnibus

Branwyn Blood Book One (and Two)

A 5th Loan Soul book (TBD)

Vera's Spinoff Series

From the left: I crushed NaNoWriMo last month; Night Stalker is coming to paperback; and in November, friends and family spoiled me on my birthday with bookish & foxy goodies.

Each month, I'm revealing something new about the upcoming Branwyn Blood series until book 1 releases. Sign up to my newsletter to give input on the series, and join my fan group to get bonus material.


Out this month on most sites: PAPERBACK PREQUEL

Now, whether you're a subscriber and got an ecopy of the Branwyn Blood prequel: Night Stalker or not, you can soon get a physical paperback of the novella on most platforms! It's a perfect holiday gift for you or someone else who enjoys stories with dark Fae!

If you grab a copy, please leave a review of Night Stalker--I'd love to hear what you think!



This month, I have for you THREE ways to score HUNDREDS of new books, including ebooks, signed paperbacks, and audiobooks, plus MASSIVE giveaways of bookish swag.

Nov. 21, 2022-Jan. 2, 2023: A NEW GROUP = 7 GIVEAWAYS

Do you love wickedly dark paranormal/urban fantasy books? I and five other authors who write delightfully gothic, supernatural tales joined up to make a hangout JUST FOR YOU! 

I'll be posting my news, requests for input, sales, teasers, and more in this group (phasing out Carter's Wild Crew)--as will the other authors--in this group. But it's also a place where you can share your bookish suggestions, thoughts, chat with fellow readers, and have fun!

Dare to venture into The Readers' Lair, where we've launched with 6 weeks of giveaways through the end of 2022. Each week, play a meet-the-author game (mine was first!) to get to know all the authors and enter their individual giveaways. Each entry also counts toward the GRAND PRIZE to be awarded in January.

Prizes can include: signed paperbacks, ebooks, audiobooks, t-shirts, book sleeves, tote bag, soap, a wind chime, mugs, stickers, tattoos, etc.!

Join the group then enter on the pinned posts!

Tip: click here to jump down the page to more December book treats.


Check out a special Black Friday Fantasy & Sci-fi Book Fair (open til Dec. 31).

Score over 200 free & discounted books, plus KU finds! And, at the bottom, enter for your chance to win a Kindle Fire, a one-month gift subscription to Owlcrate, and a $10 Starbucks gift card! 

Urban Fantasy is a genre which takes place in a city setting and stars supernatural characters (such as vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches, fae, etc.) with supernatural elements (such as magic) and mystery and/or romance. This is not to be confused with paranormal/supernatural horror.

Check out OVER 75 urban fantasy reads:  

See what I'm reading (check out my reviews) by subscribing to my newsletter!

Subscribers get a FREE novella

as well as the latest news, sales, and giveaways, and chances to give input on my stories!


Happy holiday season! May your 2022 wrap up memorably.

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