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Ancient gods, sirens, hellhounds and more! An intense, enthralling tale with unexpected twists and turns, and an ending that will leave you wondering...

The writing was really well done. Two writers writing with a similar voice is very enjoyable. And these two authors wrote from one to the next so smoothly, it’s hard to notice, especially if you’re not real familiar with at least one of the author’s work. The dialogue was extremely well played out, which is super important in a character driven book.

I love paranormal & mythology books. So many cool characters, and all of them Harbingers of Death made it even cooler!!! I am really looking forward to the next book in the series and seeing were it goes from here!!!

What a brilliant collaboration! Between the crazy antics and the advice the main character has a hard time following, this story holds a promise to take the reader on an adventure that hasn't been told before. The main character has a sweet side besides being a Harbinger; she's naive and quirky, and she had me cheering her on the deeper into the story she took me. The supporting cast is a group I know I'll find myself torn over loving or hating, and the mix is fantastic and gives the story an edge that has me wanting more. I'm looking forward to reading the next tale in the series.

Loan Soul Series
(Adult Paranormal Fantasy)

LS (2).jpg

Darcie is a sassy little spitfire, funny, fabulously fierce N endearingly unable to stay out of trouble. I was completely captivated through out the entire story never a dead moment. I'm dying to learn more about this exciting new series as always L.B. Carter gives us something fresh N unique to devour while keeping our minds hungry for Her next book!

L.B. Carter has done it again. This is an excellent start to a new series! Gonna have to get this whole series on preorder cause I just can't get enough of Darcie. It's fresh and original filled with body swaps and some dark humor that breathes fresh air on the genre. This is definitely a one click in my kindle. 

A well written dark paranormal fantasy that has a great storyline and a fab kick ass heroine , once started you will not be able to put this highly entertaining read down! Tons of drama, tons of suspense, sassiness and a little fun, this is an exciting read and I cannot wait to read more!


A seamless blending of some of my favorite types of lore. Although [the prequel] was a novella, it had so much going on. The fact that it's a prequel to an even bigger story, has me super excited. It was the perfect beginning to an epic tale, and I can't wait to read more.

very good prequel ... that mixed myth, folklore, fantasy and fiction, with some sprinkles of horror/mystery into a very compelling tale

very intriguing and I couldnt put it down. Great characters and storyline. Fae, magic and a vampire, what's not to love!


The Fox and The Howl
(New Adult urban Fantasy/paranormal romance)


I don't think I've ever read a story quite like this one before. There were some sweet moments of friendship and some more frightening moments when Dot began to come into her magical powers. I found myself wanting to shake so many of the characters throughout, but when everything finally comes to a climax, I suddenly saw all of the signs. The ending absolutely broke me, and the cliffhanger only leaves me wanting the next chapter in the story. I am so excited to see where this leads.

I love stories that have magic and witches and shifters! And spirits. So good!

I’m so happy to have read one with a fox! My favorite shifters are Kitsune Fox shifters. I haven’t found many books that have fox shifters so this story totally made my day!

I definitely recommend this and looking forward to finding out what happens next!

This book was crazy! First a fox and wolf, then a witch, then familiars! Holy cow at the epicness of reveals in this book. I was so dumbstruck at times, sad at others, and enraged in places I didnt expect. There was alot of happiness too, but that ending left me feeling bereft and shell shocked. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters. Totally a world I'd love to live in!


The way the characters engaged with each other and the connections they make takes us on an amazing adventure that not only tells a story of unexpected relationships, but it shows us what a world that is thrust into dealing with climate change could look like. It leaves us with questions that are relevant to the times in which we live. 

I very quickly got into this book, it's so refreshingly different from the usual YA/NA plotlines and very cleverly put together. Great to see an intelligent novel encompassing real environmental issues, aimed at upper YA with a smattering of romance and an air of mystery. All in all, a very enjoyable read. 

This YA/NA book does not feel like a YA book. The plot line is filled with intricate complexities that rival all the books on my shelf. I definitely will be rereading this book as I feel I'll find something new to love about it every time. 


This story reminds me of the great old murder mysteries of the 50's and 60's. So many variables factor into everything, and I never would have guessed all of the twists and turns and how they led to the ending. It was a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat read, and I can't wait to see what the author has in store for us next.

a Thrilling Spine-tingling Tale that not only has chilling mystery but also side splitting humor, I was up all night clutching My Kindle mind racing asking questions and  needing to read faster to get answers

This story was captivating and kept me on my toes and a bit creeped out (in a good mystery type of way). L.B. Carter writes this book in such a way to really draw you in and keep you guessing on what is going on. Her characters are strong and well written. [D]efinitely worth the read. Don’t pass this one.