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Monster Lore

I've been traveling a lot lately to see friends and family, which has provided great reading time on planes (Some recent 5-star favorites: Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover, October Daye book 1 by Seanan McGuire, Just Dare Me by Jackie May, A Killer Kiss by Helen Harper, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, and Soul Taken by Patricia Briggs.)

While on a trip, I met the Hodag. Born from the ashes of abused oxen, the Hodag, a mythical creature brings dark lore to a quaint, peaceful, Midwest lakeside town of northern Wisconsin. He started as a hoax and became a legend. It's not often monsters of myth have happy origin stories.

So it is with Branwyn Blood, the Brownie who is very real and not just lore. Yet the monsters she interacts with are somehow even darker. It's evil fighting evil. Can we grow from a dark origin or are we doomed to live that life always?

On the left: sign up to scratch off the cover of Branwyn Blood book 1. Middle: I met a mythological lake monster! Right: I won CampNaNoWriMo writing challenge!

This month, I'll be sending swag and these snazzy scratch-off cards to reveal the cover to Branwyn's first book. Sign up to get the swag, reveal card, and be entered in a $20 raffle!


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