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The Fox and the Howl 

A New Adult Urban Fantasy/

Paranormal romance Trilogy

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Prepare for an ancient feud of shifters and witches — with a furry little fox tossed in the middle — in this mix of haunting urban fantasy and m/f star-crossed friends-to-enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance, perfect for fans of Deborah Harkness, Anne Bishop, and Christine Feehan

Wolves Wood

An ancient feud. Secret magic. Forbidden romance. 
Death puts a stop to all... or is it the cause?

I’m an “abomination” — Dot Pearson, the fox-shifter fueled by black magic — and, as such, banned from Wolves Wood. In turn, the Mills Pack wolf-shifters avoid the city… except my best friend, Cooper Mills, who’s not one for following rules.

When we stumble on a dead wolf during one of his secret visits, I'm blamed, and my status tanks from threatened to endangered.

Now, I have a 72-hour mourning period to find the true killer before the alpha begins the fox hunt. And unless he reveals our tryst to confirm my alibi and risks his life too, Coop must join the chase.

With strangers drifting into Bristol on the autumn breeze and the dead whispering from the grave, exhuming hidden truths about my power, I don’t know who to trust. Forget passing my first year at uni — which side will I choose: the dark family who lied to me, or the caring guy whose father wants me dead?


Witches Bridge

Burned bridges have a habit of biting you in the tail.

When Cooper chose his wolf-shifter pack over me, he crushed my little fox-shifter heart. With my own identity in turmoil, he'd been the one constant... and we'd been becoming more than secret friends.


Now, I have no choice but to lean on the witches who've risen from the graves to join the ancient fight. But their motivation for helping me are far from noble.

With Coop's allegiance in question, I don't know if I have the will to sacrifice him. After all, if the witches turn me into a deadly weapon against the new alpha, I won't come out alive.

If only what's dead and gone would stay that way.


Shifters Cliff

It's the witches' turn to hunt.

Once the Mills Pack fell apart, I hoped I might finally be safe to live a normal life — as normal as possible for a woman who used to turn into a fox. Daft of me.​


When Aunt Ellen's former coven sister revealed magic to the humans of Bristol, she turned me into a threat. And I know first-hand that when threatened, an animal will do one of two things: cower or fight.


I don't know whether the witches or the humans will dominate, but I do know one thing: the hunt no longer belongs to the wolf-shifters.


In a twist, it's Cooper who may know a way that I can finally build a life for myself... for us. Without anyone else dying. I have enough spirits haunting me.

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