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Branwyn Blood

The Exiled Fae of Texas

An Adult Urban Fantasy

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The Branwyn Blood: The Exiled Fae of Texas series by award-winning, internationally bestselling author L.B. Carter intertwines Welsh/Celtic lore, supernatural crime, and mercenary action in a tense urban fantasy with antiheroes, strong women, and powerful characters with handicaps.​

Fans of Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson), Hailey Edwards (Black Hat, Gemini), Annette Marie (Guild Codex universe), Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock), Shannon Meyer (Rylee Adamson), Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels) will devour this haunting series that intertwines Welsh Celtic lore, supernatural mystery, and urban fantasy action.

Dare to meet some of the most dangerous of the Tylwyth Teg (Fae folk) exiled from Underhill and hidden amongst their Texan neighbors in Hill Country. 

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Prequel: Night Stalker

From Underhill to Hill Country... exiled Fae hunt for vengeance.
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A failed mission. A chance for redemption. A shamed half-breed Fae seeks to recover all she lost.


My name is—well, I shouldn’t tell you; there’s power in knowing an Elf’s name. And Uncle just used mine to send me on a dangerous mission for the king... alone. 

He’s hoping I won’t return, neatly eliminating the family’s shame. I’ve been trying to compensate for being half Pwca my whole life. Now, it’s time to embrace it.

I’m not the only one after the child. But the prize my foe covets will be mine. I will get my redemption and my revenge.

I refuse to lose what little I have left.

– – –

Night Stalker is the origin story of the Branwyn Blood: The Exiled Fae of Texas series by award-winning, internationally bestselling author L.B. Carter, which intertwines Welsh/Celtic lore, supernatural crime mystery, and mercenary action in a noir urban fantasy with antiheroes, gray villains, and diverse characters.

Book 1: Body Snatcher

From Underhill to Hill Country... exiled fae hide from oppression.
NOW AVAILABLE in KU, paperback, and special-edition hardcover with unique cover and colorized interior art!


Driven to help. Compelled to hurt. It falls to an overworked brownie to keep fae darkness in check.

As a brownie hidden in plain sight, one magic word uttered in my presence—even without my hearing aid—hijacks my autonomy and contorts me into a subservient Samaritan: help.

When a child goes missing and bodies turn up around Austin, I'm compelled to hunt. The culprit had better pray I find them before the deadlier fae exiled to Hill Country exterminate the threat using claws and teeth.

But as I close in on the killer, I begin to fear my obedient nature could be used against me. Will the twisted agenda of a vengeful mind turn me into the villain?

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Book 2: Shadow Keeper

From Underhill to Hill Country... exiled fae hoard for protection.
Coming in Fall 2024!


Bound to serve. Left in the dark. With dragons threatening to restart war, what can an ignorant brownie do?


I thought I could relax once I figured out the loophole in my debilitating genetic condition to serve anyone who asks for help: delegation. Just call me middle management of human needs.

But when Tylwyth Teg start calling in favors as well, there’s no skirting fae bargains. And it turns out there are a lot more of us hidden in Texas than I knew. If I can maintain our secrecy in this realm, my elf stalker won’t drag me to Underhill or report back to her leaders that the exiled community is a threat. 

After a schism among the dragons brings an ancient revolt back into the light, the flames of unrest lick at the peace treaty--with me in the midst of the fire fight. I may have to forgive Rhydian for keeping me ignorant of the truth. Some burning secrets are better left in the shadows. 


Origins: Thirst for Vengeance

From Underhill to Hill Country…
a vampire stalks an Elf.


Hungry for some blood-curdling action and adventure? Maybe even a little romance? This clan of talented authors is dying to bring you eleven vampy stories you can really sink your teeth into! All proceeds from this anthology will benefit The International Red Cross.


She wants more than blood. She thirsts for vengeance.

Deep in the forests of Wales, high in the valleys of the human realm, the Hag of the Mist has been forced to scavenge for blood from sleeping children. When her favorite child is almost stolen from her, the vampire is handed new prey… and it has come to her.


My name is… well, I cannot reveal that; there’s power in a fae’s name. My uncle has just used mine to assign me the task of uncovering a threat against our queen — without my partner. I suspect he hopes I won’t survive. Despite being half elf-half goblin, with the magic of neither, I will prove him wrong... and the vampire who left me blind.

Which Tylwyth Teg will be the hunter and which the hunted? How many are the blood-sucking Cyhyraeth and glamour-bound Ellyllon willing to sacrifice to be the one who gets revenge?


Thirst for Vengeance is the prequel to the Branwyn Blood series, separately named "Night Stalker".

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