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Series finale

IT'S OVER! I am so emotional about the completion of my first series. It's surreal.

And maybe isn't actually the end--so many of my early readers are asking for more in this world I've built... and in particular more Reed. I had a spin-off in mind that I may come back to someday.

But until then... I'm working on the 230845034083 other ideas and WIPs I have going. :P

I hope you enjoy Reed's story as much as I did writing it; I'm told it's the best in the series and I'm so glad it ended on a bang!

This weekend only, to celebrate, get the ENTIRE series for LESS THAN $3!

Book 1 - Book 2 -

Book 3 -

or find all three at

I'm also doing some giveaways in my Reader group today and you can enter the big release giveaway for a chance at a $10 to Amazon, a signed paperback of the winner's choosing and swag. (Open US only, closes May 9th).

Up next: the cover reveal for One Loan Soul is coming SOON...

And after that, the next installment in Abi the tree nymphs horrifying story. This serial is free but available only to newsletter subscribers, so sign up here to get access to catch up before the next one comes out.

I'm off to see Avengers this weekend... and then episode 3 of Game of Thrones. Preparing my body for fictional character death tears! Anyone else watching either?

Love and snuggles,

~L.B. xx

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