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Sayonara 2023

Hello 2024. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Personally, I cannot say that with enough emphasis. 2023 was a rough year for me (broken up by a lovely trip to Japan in the middle). So, I'm looking ahead instead of reflecting on 2023 (although I did release a new prequel paperback to a new series--Night Stalker--a new boxset that contained a new story--No Free Souls in the Loan Soul boxset! Have you read the series? Please leave a review on the boxset!).

On the plus side, slowing launches has given me time to catch up on writing and plotting. I'm hopeful that I can LAUNCH MULTIPLE (4 if we're counting) NEW SERIES in 2024--and quickly, with book 2 not far behind! I look forward to sharing some exciting fictional escapes in 2024. Thank you for your patience, continued support, and encouragement.

Last year, I decided against new year's resolutions. They add unnecessary pressure (I'm already skilled at pressuring myself), so once again, I'm picking instead an area of intentional focus for the new year.

For 2024, my "resolution" (focus) is: Change. Accepting--or even embracing--it. Pushing for it. Actively seeking it. Or, if it were a book trope, maybe: New beginnings or fresh start. (I've been reading some midlife women's fiction, so that's fitting.)

That includes stepping out of my comfort zone to add new genres to my 2024 reading goal (50 books) and publishing plans (any guesses?!).

What is your 2024 trope (or focus, goal, resolution)?

Here are a few COMPLETE series you can read NOW to kick off your 2024 reading goals:

Kicking off 2024 with three new series, so here's to three that you can read NOW: Loan Soul (left), the Harbingers of Death (middle), and The Fox and the Howl (right)


Click to jump to that section or simply scroll through them all:


TO ANTICIPATE: Brace for 2024 Releases...

Because I don't know what life will bring, these are my tentative hopes for 2024 (probably in order, though no promises), which include FOUR NEW SERIES:

  • Cover reveal/preorder and release of Body Snatcher (Branwyn Blood 1) as ebook, paperback, and HARDCOVER

  • Write Branwyn Blood 3

  • Cover reveal/preorder and release of standalone (in shared world) shifter paranormal romance (STOMGL) with LeAnn Mason

  • Cover reveal/preorder and release of Branwyan Blood 2 (also in hardcover)

  • Start to write books 2 in STOMGL and SATF series with LeAnn Mason

  • Release Vin's novella (Loan Soul prequel) maybe as a newsletter freebie

  • Cover reveal/preorder and release of vampire bounty hunter urban fantasy book 1 (SATF) with LeAnn Mason

  • Launch No Free Souls (Loan Soul 5) as individual book outside of the boxset

  • Release Loan Soul omnibus hardcover version

  • Cover reveal/preorder and release of a standalone contemporary romance with mythical characters (new genre! New pen name?).


...And Meet Me in Nashville in Summer 2024!

Tickets are now available for UtopiaCon 2024, happening June 21 and 22, 2024, in Nashville, Tennessee! Theme: Wild Hunt (aka FAE!) Come join me, and dozons of other amazing authors, including my co-author LeAnn Mason, at our first in-person meet up in a Hogwarts-like hotel.

Get tickets:

Learn more:


TO READ NOW: Urban Fantasy Freebies

Ends Jan. 31.

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