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What's new this month? Well, as of April 23rd, BRANWYN BLOOD IS LIVE!!!

It's taken me a few years to get this story out, but I'm really excited about this series and the reviews posting on Goodreads and Amazon in its first few weeks indicate that readers are enjoying it as well!

I'm already well into writing book 2, so that'll release in the fall. And of course the prequel is still free via my newsletter subscription list.

I'm also working on a bonus short story for an Harbingers of Death boxset and a totally new standalone-in-a-shared-world paranormal romance with LeAnn Mason.

And in 2 months, I'll be at Utopia Con!

Have you grabbed Body Snatcher yet? What format did you pick?

You can grab Branwyn: by preordering from Utopia Con (trying out my new book display, left), in ebook, hardcover, and paperback from Amazon (middle), or signed physical copy shipped to your home (Ty approved, right).

CHOOSE YOUR BRANWYN: Body Snatcher now available in ebook, paperback, AND hardcover!

It's my first time offering a hardcover and I LOVE it--illustrated cover, interior character and scene art, and bigger size for displaying on your shelf.

A collage of images of a book titled A Branwyn Blood Novel, now available, Body Snatcher

You can also read it in paperback.

And I can ship you either paperback or hardcover formats, signed, or bring a copy to Utopia Con in Nashville for you to pick up if you preorder before the event in June!

Plus, as with all of my books, you can read the book in ebook in Kindle Unlimited.

If you've already read Body Snatcher, first of all, please leave a review. You'll also have noticed a password at the end to give you access to bonus content (a scene in Rhydian's POV that takes place between book 1 and 2) on my website.

And to great ready for more Branwyn, the link is up to preorder book 2, Shadow Keeper, releasing in the fall!


Four Stories in One: Harbingers of Death Bonus Content and Boxset

LeAnn and I are writing a bonus story in the HDPU world that's exciting AND spicy. It'll be exclusive in our Harbingers of Death boxset, coming soon. So, if you haven't read this trilogy yet (or if you have), stay tuned for that!


Book Convention: Meet Me at Utopia Con!

A few more tickets released for UtopiaCon 2024 in June 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee! Theme: Wild Hunt (aka FAE!--meaning I may just cosplay as Branwyn for the awards ceremony/after party...) Come find me and my co-author LeAnn Mason at our first in-person meeting.

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What Else To Read: Freebies

Ends May 31.

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