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I did it! Branwyn Blood book 1 is drafted and being reviewed by betas this month. PHEW. Next month, it goes to edit, and soon after that, advanced readers. My new Fae series will finally be in reader hands!

I'm so excited for you to meet the Celtic crew hiding out in Texas. It turned out to be quite a tense story with dark twists, shocking reveals, and building mystery.

As we slowly ease out of summer and enjoy a few more days of "deck" weather and I prepare this book to introduce Branwyn to your ereader and/or bookshelf, I've got a few other things "on deck." One is an event happening next summer I hope you'll join me at. And I'm working on a few new stories...

I'm currently writing:

  • Branwyn Blood book 2, so you won't have to wait long for more

  • A HDPU spinoff series with co-author, LeAnn Mason (a bounty-hunter urban fantasy with a spicy vamp you've met before)

  • A quirky, comedic shifter paranormal romance with co-author LeAnn Mason that'll release on Kindle VELLA (with a downtrodden B Crew you're going to want to root for).

More on those coming! ;)

In my downtime, I've started reading Fourth Wing (caved to the hype) and catching up on other TBR stockpiles, still keeping just ahead of my Goodreads 2023 goal. What are you reading?

I took advantage of Colorado's Palisade peach season to make a pie to eat while reading Fourth Wing (left); wrapped up book 1 of the branwyn Blood series (middle); and received a lovely gift of fox art for my bookshelves (right).


Click to jump to that section or simply scroll through them all:


TO ATTEND: Join Me at UtopiaCon 2024

Tickets are now available for UtopiaCon 2024, happening June 21 and 22, 2024, in Nashville, Tennessee!

Come join me, and dozons of other amazing authors (see the author announcements--still coming out), including my co-author LeAnn Mason at our first in-person meet up!

You can pick what ticket works for you, including two signing time slots, an awards ceremony, lunch with authors, panels, and it's all happening in a Hogwarts-like hotel.

The theme is Fae, aka The Wild Hunt, perfect for Branwyn Blood's convention debut. Get your ticket now, and stay tuned for preorder info.

Get tickets here:

Learn more about the event here:


TO READ: Urban Fantasy Ebooks & Giveaways


Enter the giveaway:

Check out some urban fantasy authors and you could win:

  • Paperbacks books 1-4 in Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series 🌙

  1. Rosemary and Rue

  2. A Local Habitation

  3. An Artificial Night

  4. Late Eclipses

  • Skull-themed grid journal 💀

  • Steeped in stories mug ☕

  • Currently reading candle 🕯️

  • Wayward Children sticker! 📖

FREE Fantasy

Download FREE fantasy books in all subgenres of fantasy and paranormal (except erotica)!

The Heroine's Journey

Almost 50 amazing women in fantasy and science fiction for FREE. The "Hero's Journey" is Joseph Campbell's conception of how a male character goes on an adventure, and the actual point is that the hero needs to grow as a person. So, this giveaway focuses on HEROINES growing as people (and becoming more awesome) over the course of the story! Open August 15-September 15 to all.

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Or get the paperback with gorgeous interior character art!


COVER REVEAL & PREORDER: Body Snatcher (BB #1)

An open book overlain with fancy text reading Branwyn Blood Book One Body Snatcher. Cover reveal coming soon."

The cover reveal is coming this fall! Sign up to help with the reveal and get some swag in the mail.

The ARC is also going out soon. Last chance to sign up.

You can add the book to your Goodreads for now. The Amazon-exclusive (for now?) preorder will go live with the cover reveal!


Stay in touch via social media and my newsletter--and of course these blogs!

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