Updated: Oct 25, 2019

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th! And it's a full moon! SPOOKY! If you're feeling lucky, I have some giveaways for you to enter below. And as always, many a read to snag.

Did you know some believe the origins of this day being "unlucky" stem from Norse mythology -- Loki, the trickster god, was the 13th guest at a dinner party at Valhalla. Others think it may be biblical (the Last Supper had 13 guests). All I can surmise is that I should NOT host a dinner party today. Or at least adamantly limit the number of guests. (I'm a Norse mythology nerd, so I tend to refer to the former).

Are you a mythology lover? I'm part of a new group where myth fans can interact on Facebook. We have a kick-off party happening Sept 20-22 with prizes! Join here.

There are some mythological freebies below among MANY other giveaways and book deals! (And a new monthly prize available in my newsletter and my reader group. Jump in!)

Links to all the freebies and deals:

PS NEW: #FRIENDFREEBIEFRIDAYS giveaways/free books on Fridays in my reader group. Come grab more reads; join us!

Happy reading and stay curious! Love and snuggles, ~L.B. xx


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