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Hell of a cover

FINALLY! I've been *dying* to show off this drop-*dead* gorgeous cover for the first book in my next series! (Puns intended). This will be out this summer. Pre-order link is here: and/or find it on Goodreads or BookBub.

Darcie Rose is Satan’s top Substitute Soul - a recently deceased (semi) accidental murderess, tasked with temporarily replacing the eager living souls who sign a deal with the Devil. They receive a Lucifer-facilitated status boost when they return to their body, and Darcie earns a reprieve from the torture of Hell …as long as she avoids those from her former life and doesn’t expose the reality of Luci and the “demon” in the humans’ midst.

Easy as pudding. ...Until now.

Just before the first anniversary of her death, Darcie’s escape quickly becomes her own personal Hell. She’s dumped Earth-side without the usual details of who-the-Hell she’s possessing and the job inexplicably escalates into several, her soul involuntarily body-hopping faster than a binging identity thief. Worse, her surprise hosts are dangerously involved with her cheating ex and an army of taxidermied animals she stuffed in her dearly-departed life refuses to leave her alone …or rest in peace. If Darcie can’t prevent this chaos from ruining her perfect record, she’ll face an afterlife eternally more hellacious than her current not-so-fresh Hell. 

Also, if you're not new to my newsletters, you won't have seen the BRAND NEW COVER for my tree nymph dark mythology urban fantasy serial that goes out exclusively to my newsletter subscribers. Part III is coming in early June, so sign up now if you haven't to read the first 2 parts for FREE! This beauty was designed by Jessica Albain.