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Adventure by Air and Land

This June, I'll be adventuring fictionally by air in between adventuring in the real world on land, with both promising to be equally magical and expansive. I'm traveling all of June, including to JAPAN!

That means a bunch of LONG flights, giving me plenty of time to read, edit, and write! I'm hoping to make a lot of progress on my current WIPs, beta reads, and TBR stack.

And once I land on these trips, I'll get to see family and friends, revitalize my creative juices, refresh my motivation (currently battling burnout), experience different cultures, see new sights, and adventure with my partner (maybe even visit a FOX sanctuary)...

I'm super excited despite how exhausted I expect to become--July will be very sedentary. I haven't taken a real vacation (barring long weekends with family/friend obligations) for over five years.

When was your last big vacation? Do you have one planned you're looking forward to? While I'm away, I invite you to catch up on my new release and my updates below... Sayonara for now!


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A reader sent me this crocheted Dash just in time for the launch of the Loan Soul series boxset (left); I'm back to writing my dragon-bearing book in my dragon-fighting writing app (middle); I'll be traveling all over the place this month, reading and writing my way across the miles (right).


You can download the entire Loan Soul series plus a new novella in ebook, with one click, either for more than 50% off or via LOAN in Kindle Unlimited:

  1. One Loan Soul (a multi-award-winner)

  2. Two Sold Mates

  3. Three Broke Souls

  4. Four Poor Souls

  5. No Free Souls (new ONLY in this boxset).

And please don't forget to leave a review, or transfer your reviews over from the individual books to this compilation!



Remember Vera, the spunky goth-Barbie vampire who helped our HDPU in book 3 of the Harbingers of Death trilogy? She's getting her own story! LeAnn Mason and I have started co-writing the first book of the traitorous mercenary and will start sharing teasers in our groups (Carter Mason Madhouse and The Readers' Lair on Facebook). More on that soon!

I'm also going back through Branwyn Blood's first book draft and revising! The novel should be coming to beta readers soon with the cover reveal coming later this summer. (Are you signed up? You get character swag and entry in a raffle!)

And there's more, as mentioned. I'm working on a few other planned series (I have 8! series in various stages--all with covers to reveal... someday). I'll be sharing more once I've got more information--which means once one of them hooks me more than the others and drags me into that world. ;)

Interested in Being a Beta or ARC Reader?

An open book overlain with fancy text reading Branwyn Blood Book One Body Snatcher. Cover reveal coming soon."

Body Snatcher will then need some readers to tell me what they think!

Are you interested in being a beta reader? Contact me via social media or email me: if interested!

Want to join my launch team? Head to my launch team on Facebook.



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