Updated: Aug 30

Ouroboros is the snake eating its tail which signifies that with an end, so is there a beginning.

I wish the seasons would hurry up and move on. The heat is not wholly to blame for my grumpy days (thanks, 2020), but it doesn't help. However in my writing world, things are moving on!

B R E A K I N G N E W S:


One Loan Soul has been nominated for 2(!) awards at Penned Con!!! WOW! I'm humbled and honored.

Public voting is now open -- vote once here for all your favorite books/authors in 20 categories, including One Loan Soul for Eye-Opening First Line and Jaw-Dropping Hangover! Congrats to the other amazing nominees!

W H A T F I N I S H E D :

First, #ICYMI, the #LoanSoul series is now comlete! And release weekend saw some excitement when book 1 and book 4 both crept WAY up the Amazon ranks. Check out the series FREE on KU!

C O M I N G S O O N :

1. Don't have time to READ the #LoanSoul series? One Loan Soul is coming to AUDIBLE in September!

2. Mortal Scream (Harbingers of Death #1), co-authored by LeAnn Mason, is headed to the editor and soon to be in ARC hands!

Interested in an ARC?

Check out the teasers in the Carter Mason Madhouse.

Surprise your future (Sept 15) self by pre-ordering:

Add to your TBR:

3. More info on other WIPs (Works-In-Progress) will be coming soon to my Newsletter and Reader Group.

B A R G A I N S, G I V E A W A Y S, A N D F R E E B O O K S:

AUGUST free books and giveaways in list form or clink the images below the list:

+ the Book-Train Fair $40 Gift Card Giveaway here.

Updated: Jul 17

Things are still unsettled around the world and hugs continue to be in order. But summer solstice was in June, and July is promising to continue to be hot hot hot.


Kinda like the Harbingers of Death Prison Unit (HDPU) characters in my upcoming new series co-authored with LeAnn Mason. Meet them all with little teasers in our group: the Carter Mason Madhouse.

We also just revealed the cover! See below.

Book 1, Mortal Scream, is slated for release Sept 15. Link to pre-order:

TBR: Reader group:


In other deathly news for July...

The last Loan Soul book releases July 17! I'm sad to finish this series that has been SO FUN to write and captured the souls (get it?) of many readers. The series is ALL free on KU. :D To celebrate this release, Book 1 is 0.99 7/16-7/20. And I'll host a giveaway on Facebook and Instagram.

I've already dived into 2 new series. One goes into Celcitc mythology with all kinds of fae, including those who turn into bats, those who suck blood, those who turn into dragons, those who consume flesh, and those who kill. This is not a light-hearted fairy tale. Expect dangerous magical monsters who hunt humans, fae who enslave other fae, and secrets that endanger entire species. It'll be an Urban Fantasy Mystery series with at least 5 books planned, releasing throughout 2021, I hope.

JULY free books and giveaways in list form or clink the images below:

With all the love and snuggles, ~L.B. xx

Updated: Jun 19

First, hugs to each and every one of you for many reasons right now. There's so much going on right now, 2020 somehow outdoing itself at every turn. BUT we made it half-way! YAY JUNE!

And if you want a visit or escape to diverse worlds where contrary characters (meet a new one--Aria--in this inspiration photo) find solace, support, love, growth, and happiness with each other, and learn to work together to achieve goals, then my books are always available to you, and I have more coming soon. Please contact me if finances limit your reading--I want my worlds open to everyone.


Harbingers of Death Co-Write:

Supernatural prison task-force trilogy with LeAnn Mason is coming late summer. Meet Aria, the Banshee above and lots of supernatural creatures from lots of myths in our groups:

Loan Soul:

Four Poor Souls (LS #4) is coming in July 17, 2020! Teasers-->



  • Preorder #LoanSoul book 4, Four Poor Souls, releasing July. (This one is going to be EPIC!)

  • Get the full Deadly Earth Trilogy novels PLUS a NEW 17,000-word short story (~1000 pages) FREE on KU!

  • The Deadly Earth series is now ALL back on KU too!

  • Harbingers of Death cover reveal will be happening in July!

  • Are you interested in being on my Advanced Reviewer teams for any of the above? Contact me.

JUNE free books, giveaways, and deals are below (regularly updated):

With all the love and snuggles, ~L.B. xx

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