Updated: Sep 9, 2018

The cover for Silent Siren was revealed today! Eeep! I hope it made a spash -- it was a labor of love. In case you missed my social media posts (and those of all the lovelys who shared it) check it out on my author page on Facebook or below.

On that note, if you share that cover post on FB to any social media (and comment that you did) sometime this weekend, YOU will have the chance to win a FREE copy of the book!!! (Or any ebook of the same price if you already pre-ordered.)

Speaking of which... Pre-order is up on Amazon. And you can add it to your goodreads TBR (I know, mine is too long already, as well).

It will be releasing July 31st!

On the 31st, I'll be hosting a release party on Facebook (which means no need for pants!) with guest authors and giveaways and fun! Join us (and invite friends).

And without further ado... here's the cover again.

Hope you had an uneventful Friday the 13th. My cat is orange so I was safe. I'm heading into a weekend of reading (an ARC by Helen Harper). How about you?

Love and nuzzles,

L.B. <3

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Hello! Hi. It's me. L.B. Thanks for checking me out and reading. It really means so much to me because... phew. First post! Eek!

The beginning is always the hardest part, don't you find? Getting that first word on the page, clicking done on the kindle author account, putting pants on in the morning...

Well, unless its a delicious meal.

But publishing my first book is a little scarier than happily shoving tasty food in my insatiable maw. As it turns out, a lot more complex, too. There are a lot of logistics, besides 'agree to term and conditions' on KDP... like setting up a website and a blog therein!

Each step that arises, each confirmation button is like a little "Are you really sure?" kick to my brovado. Am I that good of a writer to publish? Will anyone read it? Do I want to put my name and my words out there? Do I even want to deal with the hassle of all this?

Each click is a spine-straightening mustering of bravery. Book: written. Beta read: approved. Edits: (mostly) done. Cover: made. Formatting: Okay, still in progress. After that, however, I just need to dig up enough self-confidence to click that final button: Publish.

And if I can take the final steps, or the first few, to my goal of being an author after over 5 years, then I challenge you to pick up that hobby you forgot, reach for a dream, or just put on those damn pants and start the day already.

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