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Summer Freeeeebieees

It's June! YAY! SUMMER! But also AHHH SUMMER!

I'm a winter girl myself. Anyone else? I am a grump when I'm hot and sweaty and can't sleep at night if I don't have a fan and an A/C running... It kills my desire to cuddle and snuggle with Mr. Cat! :'(

But also... June mean's we're already halfway through the year. Time doesn't fly, it sprints. On the plus side, One Loan Soul is out next month! Pre-order now and/or learn more. Here's a teaser!

With summer comes some other fun:

  • vacations (I need to plan some)

  • being outdoors (with SPF)

  • flowers (don't inhale too hard)

  • and freeeeebieees! (YESSSS! Info below)


Click any of the images below to download FREE stories right now from some amazing authors across a wide range of genres ... for a limited time!


AND for Newsletter subscribers: part III (Pining for Home) of my dark mythological fantasy (Felled: The Trials of a Tree Nymph) is here! Not signed up? Do so at my homepage: Here's a teaser:

What are your summer plans? Favorite thing about summer? Enjoy the sun! ~L.B. xx

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