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Find out More About the World of Midnight to Morning by Science Fiction Writer H. Glogau-Morgan Duri

Welcome to another fantastic stop in our World-building Showcase blog hop! On this stop, we’re highlighting a story where the world changes or ends as we know it, but you can find a full list of authors and topics on the OWS Cycon website. Let’s dive in!

Welcome H. Glogau-Morgan!

1. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, what is the Midnight to Morning trilogy story about?

The United States has been attacked but not by another country. Nuclear bombs, as well as secondary ones, have decimated it. People are fleeing to refugee camps there and abroad. In the shadows, a secretive U.N. sanctioned special task force is at work. They know who attacked - and know that deadly organization is only getting started with its plans to control most of the world. They know the enemy will not hesitate to poison the Earth in order to achieve their goals. But the secretive task force also has a plan, and at its heart is a woman they’ve rescued from one of the squalid camps…

Go with her as she reaches the midnight of her life. Witness her rescue and amazing recovery. Learn alongside her as she discovers the world is not how it appears to be. Read as those who rescued her teach her how to save countless others. And see how one person can tip scales and change the future so it goes from midnight to morning.

2. Does language play any role in your world? Does everyone speak the same language, or is there variety? Did you invent any new slang or terminology during your world-building process?

As with Earth as we know it, this version also has many languages. Within the task force itself, most speak English or Welsh. However, the translator on the team has the most vital role and speaks over 20 languages. I did invent a couple of new terms throughout the three books, mostly revolving around the future-tech which had been brought into the past.

3. What kinds of climates do your characters experience? Do they see a lot of change or is it always the same? Has your world always had this kind of climate, or has it changed over time?

Due to the effects of multiple nuclear blasts, on top of a streak of severe natural disasters as the Earth starts trying to shake its inhabitants off, there are references to how the climate has changed. The characters end up trapped in several instances because of the unpredictability of the current weather systems. It is changing faster than anyone had expected, but the group believes they can help slow it down if they can prevent future nuclear attacks from happening.

4. Is there any kind of faith system in your world? Did you draw inspiration from any real cultures, living or dead