Y'all the FINAL book in the Climatic Climacteric series is up for pre-order. I'm a little bit wigging out that my first series is almost over... and I won't promise that I'll never consider a spin-off (I have ideas there).

Anywho, Reed was SUPER fun to write and his banter with Jen just whipped back and forth as they were dragged through chaos and destruction in this climate-ravaged future! I hope y'all like it.

Pre-order is only $0.99 at and join my reader group on facebook for some release day fun at

With that done, I am diving into a new dark urban fantasy series I started last fall. If you like Supernatural, you might be interested.... ;)

The concept came to me like a beer poured over my head when I was at a bar with my boyfriend and friend and they were joking around about how great it would be if you didn't have to SELL your soul to the devil completely; if he might consider, for example, a short-term loan.

Thus, the Loan Soul series unraveled in my brain, leading me down into hell. There's gallows humor, morbid sarcasm, some gripping grief, snarky romance (yes, snarky romance), and as with all my books, suspense and mystery! Stay tuned for the cover reveal of this bad boy--been sitting on it a while and I won't be able to contain it much longer! What other news do I have?

Well, another FREE story is coming soon for Newsletter subscribers so make sure you're on my elist.


AND I'll be at Roanoke Author Invasion that weekend!!!! Woo!

I'm so excited for my first signing as an author to meet new readers and authors and chat with old friends.

Tickets are free, so if you can make the trip to VA, please do join. I'd love to see you!

Lastly, audiobooks are in the works! Hopefully fairly soon.

In the meantime, happy spring! Hope it's warming up wherever you are (assuming you're northern hemisphere). :P Tell me what you're excited about reading this spring!

It's ALIIIIIVE!😱☠️ Well, the book is anyway. The first thing bookworm Zanna Kane unpacks after her move to big-city Boston is her fish. And it’s dead. As is the woman she stumbles over later that night. Now, someone is sending her publishing firm threatening chapters of a horror novel... starring her. Will the story end with her end... belly up? 🖤My betas say it's my best book ever and early readers are giving it 5 stars! Check it out here: 🖤Enter the release giveaway for a chance to win a custom wine glass, signed paperback, wine bottle bag and more (open til March 14th--Pi Day):

Happy reading. Hope the hilarity helps with the chills! :O ~L.B. <3 xx

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Happy (day belated) Valentine's Day, friends.

I kicked off this day of love with some murder and mayhem:

1. Silent Siren is FREE all week

2. I launched my part of a 4-person design company for authors! It's affordable services to help you write and publish your books--check out our deals and steals and epic pre-made covers for our debut at

3. I wrote a Valentine's Murder Mystery for my newsletter subscribers, so subscribe here

4. I have a pre-order sale on Fish(y) out of Water--a thriller/mystery and JUST ANNOUNCED the party line-up! It'll be in my reader group, so join now at

Much LOVE to you! ~L.B. <3 xx