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End of 2020

It's the end of 2020! I'm afraid the pandemic is probably not over, but there are vaccines on the horizon, so 2021 may not be a total bust like this year.

My writing pace took a hit as my mental state went downhill, but I still have MANY exciting things in store for 2021.

And I just released the prequel to one new series and am releasing the first book in another this month!



C O M I N G DEC 22


Ancient witches. Territorial shifters. Forbidden romance.

I cannot wait for you to meet Dot, a fox-shifter with strange black magic, and Cooper Mills, the heir to the local wolf-shifter pack. They're separated by a bridge, the wolves sequestered to Wolves Wood and Dot and her aunt holled up in the city of Bristol, UK, as per the accords.

But everything goes bonkers when a wolf is found dead on Bloody Bridge.

Preorder: Releasing Dec 22, free on Kindle Unlimited after that.

See teasers on my Instagram and in my Crew.