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Ouroboros is the snake eating its tail which signifies that with an end, so is there a beginning.

I wish the seasons would hurry up and move on. The heat is not wholly to blame for my grumpy days (thanks, 2020), but it doesn't help. However in my writing world, things are moving on!

B R E A K I N G N E W S:


One Loan Soul has been nominated for 2(!) awards at Penned Con!!! WOW! I'm humbled and honored.

Public voting is now open -- vote once here for all your favorite books/authors in 20 categories, including One Loan Soul for Eye-Opening First Line and Jaw-Dropping Hangover! Congrats to the other amazing nominees!

W H A T F I N I S H E D :

First, #ICYMI, the #LoanSoul series is now comlete! And release weekend saw some excitement when book 1 and book 4 both crept WAY up the Amazon ranks. Check out the series FREE on KU!

C O M I N G S O O N :

1. Don't have time to READ the #LoanSoul series? One Loan Soul is coming to AUDIBLE in September!

2. Mortal Scream (Harbingers of Death #1), co-authored by LeAnn Mason, is headed to the editor and soon to be in ARC hands!

Interested in an ARC?

Surprise your future (Sept 15) self by pre-ordering:

3. More info on other WIPs (Works-In-Progress) will be coming soon to my Newsletter and Reader Group.

B A R G A I N S, G I V E A W A Y S, A N D F R E E B O O K S:

AUGUST free books and giveaways in list form or clink the images below the list:

+ the Book-Train Fair $40 Gift Card Giveaway here.

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