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Meet Branwyn

February. The shortest month, but a lot going on, like:

  • In Memory

  • Branwyn Blood Series Reveals

  • Limited-Time Bookish Giveaways and Book Fairs.

I'm having a lot of fun revealing the world of Branwyn Blood in my newsletter. If you missed it, check out the January reveals below. Sign up to see February's!

This month, I'm releasing Shifters Cliff, the conclusion to The Fox and the Howl trilogy and LeAnn Mason and I are gearing up to publish the last book, Grave Notice, in the Harbingers of Death trilogy.

I'm also grieving this month. Normally, I don't say a lot about my personal life, but this time, it's my bookish life that became part of my personal life. Please allow me to elaborate in addition to the words I posted on Facebook/Instagram.

I met Chanell Renea (the gorgeous woman in the middle image above) through mutual love for Ednah Walters, the author of the Runes series (highly recommend) and a few others, like S.T. Bende. We became friends. Over the years, we got closer, sending each other care packages, discussing books and life, messaging.

Then, a few years ago, Ednah passed away unexpectedly in her 40s. My world was rocked. She was more than just the first author I befriended on social media (how special that made me feel) and met in person as one of her online helpers, she was an inspiration, a light, in the bookish community. She brought out the best in everyone, encouraged everyone, had nothing but love and positivity and generosity. She built up a lot of the indie author community, including and welcoming all. She inspired and encouraged me to publish my own stories.

Then, a few weeks ago, on January 16, 2022, I learned that Chanell also passed unexpectedly at age 29. Like Ednah, she was one of the most beautiful, kindest souls. Dealt a tough hand, she never let it get to her, remaining always so sweet, optimistic, and ready to make new friends and share her love with all, despite fighting medical issues out of sight. Unfortunately, we never got the chance to meet in person despite planning it for ages, but I benefited from her online spunk so much.

Now, I hope to live well enough to earn the chance to meet her in Valhalla, which has gained another beautiful warrior to join Ednah. The world is a little darker without her. In her memory, I plan to be as brave, open, and loving as she was, and I invite you to do the same.



Each month, I'm revealing something new about the upcoming Branwyn Blood series until book 1 releases!



  • Pronouns: She/her

  • Family (Species): Fae (Tylwyth Teg in Welsh, pronounced)

  • Ethnicity (Subspecies): Brownie (Bwca in Welsh)

  • Age: 26

  • Status: heterosexual and single, thank the stars

  • Hometown: Underhill, Wales

  • Residence: Austin, Texas

  • Lineage: Mum, Carys - deceased; Da, Bryan - Dripping Springs, Texas.

  • Job: Janitor/handywoman... whatever she's asked, unfortunately.

  • Hair: Brown

  • Eyes: Hazel

  • Language(s): American Sign Language (ASL), English, Welsh

  • Defining Features: Slightly pointed ears with piercings, warm ochre skin with tattoos, petite stature (4'7"), hearing impaired (hearing aid in left ear), prefers functional coveralls or overalls and hairstyles that are safe for various jobs.

  • Pet Peeves: Ungratefulness, magic, people, hypocrisy, elves (Ellylon), alcohol, being called "Bran Flakes," "Brandy," or "Wynnie"

  • Fun Fact: Will never say no to sweets or dairy -- milkshakes are the best of both!

And you can glimpse Branwyn in the prequel novella, re-releasing soon! Get your copy in advance to receive 10 additional novellas, all for $0.99 with proceeds going to charity!

Of course, Branwyn Blood isn't all that's coming your way...


Coming March 25, 2022

Are you ready for the release of Shifter's Cliff, the last book in The Fox and the Howl series?

ARC readers are loving it:

Five amazing stars!! Shifters Cliff is the fantastic and brilliant conclusion to this trilogy!! Action packed, Dot is in the middle of more chaos than ever, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. More twists that I didn't see coming, witches, ghosts, magic, cursed wolf shifters and laugh out loud antics, I have completely enjoyed Dot's witchy adventure and highly recommend this series!!

Coming April 3!

Grave Notice will complete the Harbingers of Death trilogy, my co-write with LeAnn Mason. This finale is even darker, more twisted, and spicier than books 1 and 2! #BansheeScream with the HDPU as they confront a world of sinister vampires.


Dangerous Women of SciFi and Fantasy GIVEAWAY ~ Feb 15-March 15:

The FREE gift I offer newsletter subscribers is going away! Get your copy of The Quick Dead Fox, a Loan Soul novella by signing up at


Follow me on social media to enter giveaways... and because I tend to share extra news whereas this blog gets updated monthly and my newsletter is only biweekly.


May your first month of 2022 be just what you imagined it would be!

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