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Happy 2022! Of course I'm not expecting a miracle; no one snaps their fingers and makes the chaos of 2021 go away overnight as the sparkly ball drops in New York City. But I still like to use the new year to catalogue last year's accomplishments (see images below) and do some mental cleaning to prepare for the new year.

Last year, I thought I didn't do much, but, among other achievements, I:

  • Had 5 releases (2 audiobooks, 1 solo novel, 2 stories with LeAnn Mason)

  • Read more than 2020 (just shy of my goal of 50)

  • Won NaNoWriMo (see previous posts)

  • Guest appeared on a podcast (see previous posts)

  • Built a library

This year, I hope to:

  • Read 50 books this year. What's your reading goal (if you have one)?

  • Release/re-release 4 or 5 books/novellas

  • Interact more with my readers, getting them involved in my writing, so join my newsletter or fan group and see below!

To hit #3, I'm kicking 2022 off with a sale that my newsletter subscribers voted for:

One Loan Soul (Loan Soul #1) is 0.99 Jan 21-24 ONLY!

This series is always free on Kindle Unlimited and you can check out the award-winning series on Audible!

I'll also be inviting you into a new world, and I hope you'll join me...


This series is going to be epic! *Flings llwch tylwyth teg (fairy dust) like confetti* I'm so excited. I've got quite a few books planned, so I'm praying you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Branwyn Blood series will have:

  • complex world-building (with multiple realms, species, and storylines)

  • relatable characters (with disabilities, emotions, grey intentions, and hardships)

  • deep lore (with dark Welsh/Celtic fae mythology at the base and a lot of layers on top)

  • important themes (self-worth, justice, and relationships)

  • twisting arcs (with many character backstories, a busy city secretly teeming with 'monsters' and a lot of strife).

It's the closest I've come to emulating some of my favorite authors (Patricia Briggs, Annette Marie, Hailey Edwards, and Shannon Mayer), having worked hard to improve my writing over the last three years since I first published.

Each month, I'll reveal something new about the series until book 1 releases! Sign up to my newsletter to give input on the series, and join my fan group to get bonus material!

And you can glimpse Branwyn in the prequel novella, re-releasing soon! Get your copy in advance to receive 10 additional novellas, all for $0.99 with proceeds going to charity!

Of course, Branwyn Blood isn't all that's coming your way...


Coming (tentatively) February 18, 2022

Shifter's Cliff is the last book in The Fox and the Howl series. This book will wrap up Dot's and Cooper's fox/witch-and-wolf-shifter story with quite a magical bang!

I've bumped this release date up from March; if you preordered, you'll be alerted about the change.


Coming March 5, 2022

Grave Notice will complete the Harbingers of Death trilogy, my co-write with LeAnn Mason. This finale is even bigger, darker, more twisted, and spicier than books 1 and 2! I hope you're ready to #BansheeScream with the HDPU as they confront their past, present, and deathly futures... while facing some sinister vampires.

You'll also meet a new character we're considering a spin-off series with!


Christmas Fantasy/Sci-Fi GIVEAWAY ~ Dec 17-Jan. 16:

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi Reads FREE in KU ~ Jan 1-31:

The FREE gift I offer newsletter subscribers is going away! Get your copy of The Quick Dead Fox, a Loan Soul novella by signing up at


Follow me on social media to enter giveaways... and because I tend to share extra news whereas this blog gets updated monthly and my newsletter is only biweekly.


May your first month of 2022 be just what you imagined it would be!

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