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New Series

Happy 2022! Of course I'm not expecting a miracle; no one snaps their fingers and makes the chaos of 2021 go away overnight as the sparkly ball drops in New York City. But I still like to use the new year to catalogue last year's accomplishments (see images below) and do some mental cleaning to prepare for the new year.

Last year, I thought I didn't do much, but, among other achievements, I:

  • Had 5 releases (2 audiobooks, 1 solo novel, 2 stories with LeAnn Mason)

  • Read more than 2020 (just shy of my goal of 50)

  • Won NaNoWriMo (see previous posts)

  • Guest appeared on a podcast (see previous posts)

  • Built a library

This year, I hope to:

  • Read 50 books this year. What's your reading goal (if you have one)?

  • Release/re-release 4 or 5 books/novellas

  • Interact more with my readers, getting them involved in my writing, so join my newsletter or fan group and see below!

To hit #3, I'm kicking 2022 off with a sale that my newsletter subscribers voted for:

One Loan Soul (Loan Soul #1) is 0.99 Jan 21-24 ONLY!

This series is always free on Kindle Unlimited and you can check out the award-winning series on Audible!

I'll also be inviting you into a new world, and I hope you'll join me...