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L.B. Carter is an internationally bestselling, award-winning multi-genre author.

Her stories have been praised as "intelligent," "imaginative," "fresh and original," "super entertaining," "unique, mysterious, with twists and turns you would not expect," and laugh-out-loud funny.


Find suspense and mystery, fantasy, adventure, dark humor, horror, and a dash of romance, with twists on the real world interwoven with myths and legends, and cliffhangers that keep you reaching for the next book.


+ Awards

Hot on the heels of 2 noms at the Penned Con awards, One Loan Soul won GOLD in paranormal fiction in the 2020 Readers' Favorite Awards for International Writing Excellence!

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This gritty supernatural prison PNR for NA audiences will be full of mythological creatures and gritty death. Harbingers of Death book 1, Mortal Scream, is coming Sept 15.


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Brand new standalone novella in the #LoanSoul dark paranormal fantasy mystery series is now available for all Newsletter Subscribers! Sign up now to download it to your ereader!



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