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Summer sale

Happy 4th of July and summer! I hope you're remembering the sunscreen like I'm not and getting outside more than I am.

I have put 3 books on SALE: two of my series starters and my standalone. Only July 7-11. Don't miss out!

BOOK SALE (7/7-7/11)

Get One Loan Soul, book 1 in the paranormal fiction multi-award-winning Loan Soul series for $0.99!

Get Hope Drowned, book 1 in the YA dystopian bestselling Deadly Earth trilogy for FREE!

Get Fish(y) out of Water, the standalone romantic mystery/thriller for 50% off!

For all those others who love dark and delicious, happy reading, and don't forget to scroll down for other freebies this month!


  1. Shifter's Cliff, the third and final book in The Fox and the Howl series

  2. Grave Notice, the third and final book in the Harbingers of Death series (co-written by LeAnn Mason)

  3. Book 1 in a new series I've hinted at but will reveal more on soon!


G I V E A W A Y S, D E A L S, A N D F R E E B O O K S


100+ FREE stories with mystery and intrigue July 20-August 18:

Get DOZENS of books for FREE July 1-15 only!




I often have giveaways in my reader group on on my social media posts. Follow me on social media to enter those... and because I tend to share extra things there IN THE MOMENT, whereas this blog gets updated monthly and my newsletter is only biweekly.

Find ALL my links here.


Happy dark and delicious sale nabbing!

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