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Ready to be creeped out?!

My suspense/thriller is up for Pre-Order! I've been working on this baby since winning NaNoWriMo with it in November 2017 and I'm so excited.

It's a little more adult and scarier than the CC series I have out so far, but there's still plenty of my usual mystery, suspense, romance and humor... and there are fur-babies to comfort you throughout the chills it brings! Save $2 by pre-ordering (click the image). And if you want in on the ARC team, contact me at and I'll send you the form.

I'm also going to 2 signings this year! Check out my events list. Roanoke Author Invasion is first in April. Here's the form if you are coming and want to pre-order books from me before March 15th! AND I just got in my banner for those signings. What do you think?! I adore it. Courtesy of Black Fox Design, which is going to be having a debut event for Indie Authors to score discount editing, formatting and book covers. Join that here.

Happy wintery January! I'm filling up my new bookshelves, having just settled into the Northeast again after 6 years on the Gulf of the US. ~L.B. xx

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