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It's halfway through 2021 and I have just gotten a fresh start with mountains, a new space, and a job that I love.

This move (physical and lifestyle) been a long time in the hoping and trying-and-trying-again stage, so although it was a lot of chaos and stress to start a new day job during a pandemic, move across the country, and buy a house during a terrible market from far away, it feels like catharsis on the other side.

Especially now that I have beautiful views to hike and a better place in which to work and live!

This is my new local library. No joke. It's like a castle! Can't go in yet, but soon!

Mr Cat is quite pleased... mostly to have his couch back after being on the road for 31 hours in a crate and spending nights in strange hotels.

I now have a NEW OFFICE/LIBRARY in which to work and write and ogle all my books (which I've yet to unpack -- the movers were not pleased to lug those boxes around!)

Please send any inspiration, including favorite bookcases, reading nooks, and fairy lights!

Now that's done, I'm getting back to writing!

What am I working on?

  1. Shifter's Cliff, the third and final book in The Fox and the Howl series

  2. Grave Notice, the third and final book in the Harbingers of Death series (co-written by LeAnn Mason)

  3. Book 1 in a new series I've hinted at but will reveal more on soon!

I hope you're breaking into summer and post-COVID "normal" in the most of exciting ways too!




In case you missed it, Three Broke Souls, book 3 in the Loan Soul series is now on audiobook! Check out books 1, 2, AND 3 in the multi-award-winning series on iBooks and Audible, narrated by the very talented Kate Marcin.

Read the reviews and add to your TBR on Goodreads or BookBub or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. All links here.


Have you read books 1 and 2 of The Fox and the Howl series? They're all free on KU and you can now preorder Shifters Cliff, book 3.


G I V E A W A Y S, D E A L S, A N D F R E E B O O K S


Coming soon! Stay tuned!




I often have giveaways in my reader group on on my social media posts. Follow me on social media to enter those... and because I tend to share extra things there IN THE MOMENT, whereas this blog gets updated monthly and my newsletter is only biweekly.


Happy official SUMMER! Don't forget the sunscreen, like I did. ;)

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