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new home

It's halfway through 2021 and I have just gotten a fresh start with mountains, a new space, and a job that I love.

This move (physical and lifestyle) been a long time in the hoping and trying-and-trying-again stage, so although it was a lot of chaos and stress to start a new day job during a pandemic, move across the country, and buy a house during a terrible market from far away, it feels like catharsis on the other side.

Especially now that I have beautiful views to hike and a better place in which to work and live!

This is my new local library. No joke. It's like a castle! Can't go in yet, but soon!

Mr Cat is quite pleased... mostly to have his couch back after being on the road for 31 hours in a crate and spending nights in strange hotels.

I now have a NEW OFFICE/LIBRARY in which to work and write and ogle all my books (which I've yet to unpack -- the movers were not pleased to lug those boxes around!)

Please send any inspiration, including favorite bookcases, reading nooks, and fairy lights!

Now that's done, I'm getting back to writing!