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Jet Lagging

I'm back from my month of travels--and exhausted from long flights and time travel (landed earlier than we took off, thanks to the International Date Line). But NYC and Japan were amazing. Photos below!

While traveling, I read a lot and even did some outlining. Now that I'm back, I've dived back into my WIPs, with direction from my fans on what to write next (add your vote in the "Writing" section below).


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I shared some photos while traveling on my Instagram: (left) a bagel and a book in NYC; (middle) Branwyn enjoyed the scenery with me from a bullet train between Kyoto and Tokyo; (right) I only went in 1 bookstore in Japan (buying nothing to avoid weighing my suitcase down).

PICTURED: Foxes in Japan--and Other Things

While in Kyoto, I hiked around the famous Inari shrine (a humid jungle mountain path lined with orange arches--see pics below).

"Inari"=Japanese deity ("kami") affiliated with prosperity (literally rice, sake, tea... not gummy worms) and foxes. The shrines were dotted with dozens of figurines of foxes ("kitsune") who receive gifts (like rice or "inari"--delicious soaked-tofu-wrapped rice). They plead on the worshipper's behalf to the deity as "messengers".

I met no live foxes, but saw a few stray cats and many other fox-related things during the trip.

First 3 photos below are NYC, the rest are Japan!


WRITING: Vera, Branwyn, and Your Choice

I'm currently:

What do you want from me next?

I recently polled my FB reader group--with sneaky peeks at all the covers I have waiting in the wings. Get an exclusive glimpse and add your vote so I know what to focus on next and get into your hands ASAP.

Read Body Snatcher First...

An open book overlain with fancy text reading Branwyn Blood Book One Body Snatcher. Cover reveal coming soon."

Body Snatcher will soon need reviewers!

Are you interested in being a beta reader? Contact me via social media or email me: if interested!

Want to read an advanced review copy (ARC)? Head to my launch team on Facebook.


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