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In the Tree(Flesh)!

*Drum-roll, bugles playing, people looking around in bewildered, contagious excitement...* Silent Siren is available in PAPERBACK!

Get it HERE.

Or if you'd prefer a FREE signed copy, check out the Giveaway on my Facebook author page! Enter HERE.

Seeing my debut novel in the (tree)flesh really solidified the fact that I'm an author. Holy nelly, wow! This used to be a dream abandoned in the stars; thank you for reading my books and lifting me up to reach my goal, allowing me to continue to share my stories. 

The ebook of this #1 Amazon Bestselling Hot New Release is still available for a measly $0.99 and free on KU. Get Silent Siren

In fact, you can get over 50 sci-fi & fantasy novels, including Silent Siren, for only 99 pennies! I've teamed up with dozens of other authors to offer our books for less than a dollar, this week only!

Head to this link to snag them all before Sept 23!

If you haven't gotten around to 1-clicking Silent Siren yet, now's a good time to start this series, because...

I just sent Faded Flare (Climatic Climacteric, Book Two) to beta readers! Wahoo! Faded Flare pre-order COMING SOON!

It's still hot in Houston, but I'm headed to Utah this weekend for some camping, hiking and fall weather surrounded by nature. How are you kicking off the autumn season?

Happy reading and stay curious!

Love and nuzzles,

L.B. <3

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