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Demons, Death Omens, & Dragons

With two words, I wrapped up Kida's new story for the Loan Soul boxset and won Camp #NaNoWriMo:

The End.

Have you been waiting to binge the entire Loan Soul series? Or for more of the damned crew? On May 19, with one click, read all four Loan Soul books in the series including the brand-new novella, No Free Souls.

With that done, I'm wrapping up Branwyn Blood's first book (thank you for your patience)!

I've also started writing Vera's story with LeAnn Mason. Remember the sassy gothic vampire in book 3 of the Harbingers of Death series? If you haven't met her yet, this month, check out our HDPU sale!


Click to jump to that section or simply scroll through them all:

The whole Loan Soul series is now in boxset (left); I've been spending a LOT of time lately writing as well as reading--chai included (middle); Read all of the Loan Soul series (right).


With one click of the ebook boxset, you get five stories:

  1. One Loan Soul (a multi-award-winner)

  2. Two Sold Mates

  3. Three Broke Souls

  4. Four Poor Souls

  5. No Free Souls (a brand-new novella ONLY in this boxset).

Now's the best time to meet or catch up with substitute soul from Hell, Darcie Rose (and her idiom mixups, which would lose Wheel of Fortune!); her adorable undead fox, Dash; Lucifer's brooding henchman, Vin; and other familiar demons/souls. No Free Souls (book 4.5) is a gritty dual-point-of-view novella Kida's cruel, tragic, bitter past and what Darcie's up to after book 4.

Buy it now or LOAN the series in Kindle Unlimited!

Video by the amazing Trish Beninato at Burning Phoenix Covers for the Loan Soul series by L.B. Carter.



For a few days, you can start the Harbingers of Death series, cowritten by my writing twin, LeAnn Mason, on sale.

This is a gritty new adult urban fantasy with death omens from various mythological pantheons, vampires, newfound powers, second chances, slow burn romance, mysterious pasts, and a team of supporting characters.

Download Mortal Scream May 15-21 for 0.99 or borrow it anytime in Kindle Unlimited.



All of May, you can get over 80 amazing books featuring dragons, some on sale, some free, some in KU, and many bestsellers! This includes the FREE novella Night Stalker, the prequel in the series Branwyn Blood: The Exiled Fae of Texas, where you can meet some dragon-y Welsh Fae.


100+ fantasy, urban fantasy, romantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, and YA books from AMAZING authors... check them all out and enter for a chance at a Kindle Fire, book box subscription, and Starbucks gift card!


Holly Black Fan Giveaway! - 5/18: NOW CLOSED. Congrats to the winner!

A perfect giveaway for fans of Holly Black! Subscribe to today’s bestselling Fantasy authors for a chance to win the 3-book box set of The Folk of The Air (including The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King, and Queen of Nothing) and hardback of The Stolen Heir by Holly Black, plus Elfhame polaroid enamel pin, Cardan candle, ”Forever Undone” coffee mug, ”So Much Worse” zippered pouch, Oak and Wren art print, Cardan’s letter art print, and ”Something to Fear” bookmark. You can also come back every day for special tasks that will earn you daily entry points!


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Body Snatcher is almost ready for readers!

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