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Cruel Days of Summer

It's HOT. I'm a grumpy, pale, indoor-hiding lump this time of year. But I upped my bookish art game recently (see photos below) and the arrival of August means autumn is coming. (My favorite season... but also where did the time go? *Breathes into paper bag*) Maybe some of you with kiddos are breathing a sigh of relief that school is starting again. (My little one demands my attention all year long, being a cat.)

I recently found a beautiful local-made fox art print that reminds me of the end of The Fox and the Howl trilogy (left); got my book stack tattoo expanded (middle); and received book mail of my #WritingTwin's gorgeous new Minefield Enforcers trilogy covers (right).

August also means I'm getting close to launching my next series! I know; it's been a while. But good things come to those who wait, and I think Branwyn Blood is definitely a "good thing." You're going to love the crazy cast of characters, dark plot, and twisted magic in this Texas-based urban fantasy with Celtic Fae.

In the meantime, I've got for you another of my series starters FREE, some other urban fantasy freebies and giveaways, plus exciting news about a book con next year!



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FREE Aug. 9: Deadly Earth Book 1

For ONE DAY ONLY, on National Book Lovers' Day on August 9, start the Deadly Earth trilogy for FREE (U.S. & U.K.), start the trilogy with Hope Drowned, a reader-voted best book of 2019!

★★★★★ "refreshingly different from the usual YA/NA plotlines and very cleverly put together [...] an intelligent novel" -Award-winning author C.L. Monaghan

★★★★★ "a riveting YA story woven with important topics, mystery, action-packed moments, and endearing characters." -Readers Favorite

Get Hope Drowned FREE August 9 (or always in Kindle Unlimited)! Or read the entire trilogy in box set.


TO READ: Urban Fantasy Ebooks & Giveaways


Enter the giveaway:

Check out some urban fantasy authors and you could win:

  • Paperbacks books 1-4 in Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series 🌙

  1. Rosemary and Rue

  2. A Local Habitation

  3. An Artificial Night

  4. Late Eclipses

  • Skull-themed grid journal 💀

  • Steeped in stories mug ☕

  • Currently reading candle 🕯️

  • Wayward Children sticker! 📖

FREE in Kindle Unlimited

Start a COMPLETE urban fantasy series with magic that you can binge in Kindle Unlimited, including the Harbingers of Death trilogy I co-wrote with LeAnn Mason!

FREE Urban Fantasy

Over a dozen urban fantasy ebooks for free, including Night Stalker (if you haven't downloaded that yet through your newsletter subscription). Open August 1-31 to all.

The Heroine's Journey

Almost 50 amazing women in fantasy and science fiction for FREE. The "Hero's Journey" is Joseph Campbell's conception of how a male character goes on an adventure, and the actual point is that the hero needs to grow as a person. So, this giveaway focuses on HEROINES growing as people (and becoming more awesome) over the course of the story! Open August 15-September 15 to all.

See what I'm reading (check out my reviews) by subscribing to my newsletter!

Subscribers get a FREE novella

Or get the paperback with gorgeous interior character art!


COVER REVEAL & PREORDER: Body Snatcher (BB #1)

An open book overlain with fancy text reading Branwyn Blood Book One Body Snatcher. Cover reveal coming soon."

The cover reveal is happening SOON! Sign up to help with the reveal.

The ARC is also going out soon. Last chance to sign up.

You can add the book to your Goodreads for now. The Amazon-exclusive (for now?) preorder will go live with the cover reveal!

About Body Snatcher:

From Underhill to Hill Country... exiled fae hide from oppression.


As a Brownie hidden in plain sight, one magic word uttered in my presence—even without my hearing aid—hijacks my autonomy and contorts me into a subservient Samaritan: help.

When a child goes missing and bodies turn up around Austin, I'm compelled to hunt. The culprit had better pray I find them before the deadlier Fae exiled to Hill Country exterminate the threat using claws and teeth.

But as I close in on the killer, I begin to fear my obedient nature could be used against me. Will the twisted agenda of a vengeful mind turn me into the villain?

Body Snatcher is the first full-length novel of the Branwyn Blood: The Exiled Fae of Texas series by award-winning, internationally bestselling author L.B. Carter, which intertwines Welsh/Celtic lore, supernatural crime mystery, and mercenary action in a noir urban fantasy with antiheroes, gray villains, and diverse characters.


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