Turn and face the strange!

That's how the song goes... and what I'm trying to embrace in life this April. What's the strange, you ask? Well, me, in a way.

I'm often a follower, a peacemaker, and quieter thanks to growing up the middle child. I'm so reserved, I won't even pick a restaurant when we go out. Drives my partner nuts!

With my authoring, though, I have strong vision, and I don't waver from those imaginary worlds and writing style that come to me (besides edits, of course). I've been told by readers repeatedly that my books are "unique," and I'm glad! I like to read fresh takes and new inventive stories myself, so that's what I like to offer.

In my personal life, my day job, I'm trying to better match my lifestyle to my vision. For that reason, SURPRISE (to me and everyone else), I just took a new job and am moving across the country!

What does that mean? Hopefully new inspiration and a happier me, which leads to more fun books in the long run.

In the short run, it means AHHHHH! In other words: I had to push back the Witches Bridge release date a few weeks and a few other books may be later in releasing this year (or be moved to next year).

I hope you'll stick it out with me because I have a lot more unique stories to share with y'all!



FATAL SIGHT just came out and reviewers are giving a 5-STAR #BansheeScream! And LeAnn and I put up the preorder for the final book, GRAVE NOTICE!

Read the reviews and add to your TBR on Goodreads or BookBub or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. All links here.

As I said, there's a slight delay in my publishing schedule, so if you haven't caught up on book one of The Fox and the Howl, do so now! WITCHES BRIDGE will release April 30! Sign up to my newsletter to get a free glimpse at Ch 1 of Book 1.

G I V E A W A Y S, D E A L S, A N D F R E E B O O K S

Urban Fantasy Boxsets:


I often have giveaways in my reader group on on my social media posts. Follow me on social media to enter those... and because I tend to share extra things there IN THE MOMENT, whereas this blog gets updated monthly and my newsletter is only biweekly.

Find ALL my links here.

Hope your April is BLOOMING into something beautiful!

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