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Turn and face the strange!

That's how the song goes... and what I'm trying to embrace in life this April. What's the strange, you ask? Well, me, in a way.

I'm often a follower, a peacemaker, and quieter thanks to growing up the middle child. I'm so reserved, I won't even pick a restaurant when we go out. Drives my partner nuts!

With my authoring, though, I have strong vision, and I don't waver from those imaginary worlds and writing style that come to me (besides edits, of course). I've been told by readers repeatedly that my books are "unique," and I'm glad! I like to read fresh takes and new inventive stories myself, so that's what I like to offer.

In my personal life, my day job, I'm trying to better match my lifestyle to my vision. For that reason, SURPRISE (to me and everyone else), I just took a new job and am moving across the country!

What does that mean? Hopefully new inspiration and a happier me, which leads to more fun books in the long run.

In the short run, it means AHHHHH! In other words: I had to push back the Witches Br