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Best Indie Book!

Thank you so much to all who voted--Silent Siren was awarded 14th BEST INDIE BOOK OF 2018 by Read Freely! Click the image to get your copy NOW!

And right now, there are a few promos and sales to check out:

1. Stocking Stuffer sale with 12 great authors and 12 great books for <$1 each! (Click the image)

2. Win a Kindle, Amazon Gift Card and/or many books! (Click the image to enter).

I hope you had a lovely Christmas/whatever you celebrate when the end of the year gets crazy and happy new year! I'm looking forward to so much in 2019--2 book signing events, releasing the final books in the Climatic Climacteric series, publishing a suspense/thriller, and starting a new dark urban fantasy series I'm super excited about. And lots of reading!

What are your bookish plans for 2019? ~L.B. xx

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