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HAPPY NEW DECADE! New month, new year, new decade. Time to reflect and plan. Do you have a resolution? Mine: read more (duh), gym more (double duh), and set better limits/boundaries (mental health is important! I want far fewer -- or better yet 0 -- breakdowns than last year).

In the last decade, I became an author, went to a book con, won a few awards, released a bestseller, and finished my first trilogy. This next decade, I aim to finish several more series -- I can think of 4 at least (Loan Soul, Fae Portal Protector, Trials of a Tree Nymph and a secret one), find my genre footing with mythological supernatural suspense/urban fantasy, release audiobooks, write co-authored series, and attend several more book conventions around the US if not the world. Fingers crossed!

January is the last month for a few deals and giveaways:

2. There's a new newsletter subscriber free novella coming that takes place in the #LoanSoul world releasing this month. Sign up at to get access to The Quick Dead Fox.

3. The Climatic Climacteric trilogy just got a whole new EPIC look! Huge thanks to the amazing work of Covers by Christian. All 3 books are on sale on ALL retailers until January 31st! Go grab your copies of this international bestseller and 14th Best Indie Book of 2018 now! There's a giveaway here.

4. The last few #GiftItForward Giveaways are going up in my reader group on Facebook -- winner picks the prize from my *signed paperbacks* bookshelf (see photo) AND to whom I send it (yourself or as a surprise for a friend/family member)!

5. NOW onto the links to all the January freebies and deals (or click the images below):

Hope you had a nice holiday season. And happy New Year to you and yours! What are you most looking forward to in 2020? Any book releases you're anxiously awaiting? What was your favorite/biggest accomplishment in 2019 or the last decade? What are your aspiration for the next year and decade?

Happy reading and stay curious! Love and snuggles, ~L.B. xx

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