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It's that time of year again--NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). If you've followed me for a while, you'll know I do this every year. It's a fantastic event to help motivate and support authors to write an entire novel in one month (30 days).

This year, I'm working on one novel while co-writing two others. That's right--THREE books in ONE month. Plus I'm editing another in a new genre. And maybe poking at a half-started novella too.

Think I can do it? Me neither. :P But I am working with my coauthor LeAnn Mason on two of them, and they're all started/outlined, so that may help me make progress and hopefully finish one of them to beat the challenge, and it means I'll have momentum to roll the others into the holiday season.

In my downtime, I'm crocheting Christmas gifts while reading Fourth Wing (caved to the hype) in hardback, Ninth House in ebook, and the Gemini series by Hailey Edwards on audio. I just finished Silver Cinders by LeAnn Mason (highly recommend! Have you got your copy of the new 4th Grimm Hollow book?!). Still keeping just ahead of my Goodreads 2023 goal. What are you reading?

I love the fall/Halloween season! (left); got a new Kindle when mine died last month (middle); and recently gave away a bunch of books to readers make room on my bookshelves (right).


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TO ANTICIPATE: Current WIPs & Upcoming Events

After reading that intro, you may be wondering what books I'm writing right now. Well...

  • Book 2 of Branwyn Blood so you won't have to wait between releases

  • Book 1 of the HDPU spinoff featuring Vera the bounty-hunting vampire (co-writing with LeAnn Mason)

  • Book 1 of a new paranormal romance featuring the least likely shifters probably releasing as a Kindle Vella (co-writing with LeAnn Mason)

  • A standalone contemporary romance with mythical characters (yeah, this one's a new genre for me. Still debating. May be a new pen name?)

  • Vin's novella in the Loan Soul series, maybe as a Kindle Vella.

Which one(s) are you looking forward to???

Tickets are now available for UtopiaCon 2024, happening June 21 and 22, 2024, in Nashville, Tennessee! Theme: Wild Hunt (aka FAE!) Come join me, and dozons of other amazing authors, including my co-author LeAnn Mason at our first in-person meet up in a Hogwarts-like hotel.

Get tickets:

Learn more:


TO PREPARE FOR: ARC & Cover Reveal

An open book overlain with fancy text reading Branwyn Blood Book One Body Snatcher. Cover reveal coming soon."

The cover reveal is coming this holiday season! Sign up to help with the cover reveal/preorder launch and get some swag in the mail.

The ARC is sending December 1, 2023, with the book launching in January. Last chance to sign up for an advanced ecopy.

You can add the book to your Goodreads


TO READ: Urban Fantasy & PNR Ebooks

Free Books

FREE paranormal romance and urban fantasy ebooks. Ends Nov. 15.

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Stabby Heroines

Free paranormal and fantasy ebooks. Ends Nov. 30.

An illustration of a woman next to the words "Strong Women in Sci Fi and Fantasy"

Black, White, and Beyond

Free ebooks featuring morally gray characters in sci-fi and fantasy. Ends Nov. 30.

An illustration of a woman next to the words "Strong Women in Sci Fi and Fantasy"

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