Journey to prison in the...

Harbingers of Death Series

(Paranormal fantasy)

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Fans of Burn Notice and Dannika Dark's Crossbreed series will love the supernatural team of strong characters each with their own story to tell, working together to solve cases with a lot of snark, a little romance, and a lot of death.

Check out the co-write by authors L.B. Carter and LeAnn Mason.

For those serving prison sentences, they bring sentences of death.

Mortal Scream

If you’re going to be caught at a murder scene, don’t scream. If it’s the fourth murder you’ve witnessed in as many weeks, definitely don’t wail. But whatever it is that draws me to witness people’s final moments also seems to prevent me from keeping my trap shut. And that draws the cops. Straight to me.


My continued presence being "too suspicious to be coincidence" marks my arrest. And the deaths don’t seem to stop there. Foreseeing the demise of one of the penitentiary guards while not so patiently waiting for trial, I get the attention of one of the scariest cliques in the whole prison. But they’re not concerned with me -- they want the guard. 


Until I open my trap.


Now they're telling me that I am a harbinger of death just like them and they want me to join them. Turns out they're a team of supernaturals tasked with ending the lives of convicted criminals, or so they say. I guess that's one way to commute a sentence. 


I scream. You scream. We all scream … in the end.”

For those serving prison sentences, they bring sentences of death.

Fatal Sight

I am a banshee. Yeah, the death-announcing kind. And as the newest member of the Harbingers of Death Prison Unit, my job entails the exact thing my parents always warned me against: getting caught.

Infiltrating prisons and escorting the dead across the veil is the least of my worries though when we realize I’m being followed. Suddenly, my mysterious past is catching up to me after years of moving around constantly.


And there’s a lot that even I don’t know.


Turns out banshees are being hunted to extinction by supernaturals with a lust for immortality, and thanks to a protective ward my parents bestowed on me in the form of a tattoo, I’m one of the last left. But my ward is fading. Can my new team help me escape my pursuers and find out why I’m being hunted. After years of keeping to myself like my parents instructed, can I trust them?

I scream, they scream. Will I be silenced? 

For those serving prison sentences, they bring sentences of death.

Grave Notice

If you ever thought being on the team of a bunch of supernatural creatures of death made you impervious to attack, think again. Announcers of death, my people have been hunted by Vampires who prefer their murderous tendencies remain unannounced. Banshees are now down to one: me.

But I’m not only a prize in the eyes of the kinds of monsters that haunt mortal’s dreams. As my ward faded and my abilities grew, humans took notice that death seemed to follow me.


Now I’m at the mercy of the Feds, locked in the very place I should be overseeing as the newest member of the Harbingers of Death Prison Unit. Or is it a safe haven away from the Vamps? It’s a game of chance who gets to me first: the team who sees me as a hindrance, or the ones who want to see my soul ferried to the other side?

Don’t scream… Death might find you.

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