Journey into a nightmare in the...

The Assassins' Assassin Series

(Urban Fantasy)

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For fans of supernatural suspense, action, and paranormal romance. This is a gritty fight with enemies to lovers romance, a deadly heroine, brutish supernatural monsters of lore, and mysterious magic.

Even killers need to be taken care of

Stabbed in the Back


Ever wonder who assassinates assassins when they're no longer useful? Me. Gretchen. At your service... if you  can pay.

To defeat your enemy, you have to be one step ahead. To defeat your enemy's enemies? You have to be magical. Me again.

It was supposed to be a curse, but my ability to perceive intentions has made me a coveted contractor for the upper echelon of monsters and beasts. Until my powers reveal that I'm not the only one in this business. And his target? Yep. Me. 

Assassin or assassinated?

Even killers of Killer need to be taken care of

Struck through the Heart


coming soon

Even contractors need to be taken care of


Staked to the Hilt

Coming soon