Journey to a ravaged Earth in the...

Climatic Climacteric Trilogy (upper YA/NA near-future natural disaster cli-fi adventure)

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Sea level is rising. Who will float ? Who will drown?

Silent Siren, Book One


Being a freak in high school is easy if you're smart, doubly so when you’re found on a riverbank, mute, with green-tinted hair, a locket, and amnesia. Secretly, dread that she really is a freak silences Sirena. Her lips seal in a single memory:  

Rena drowned her father, saying goodbye with a life-ending kiss.    


Death in his parents’ organization forces Norton on his first mission to a podunk coastal town with his brother, where their colleague last made contact. To fulfil the client’s contract:      

Nor must recover the specimen fabled to adapt life to climate change.  


Thanks to homeschooling, Nor is unprepared for going undercover at a high school. The protective nature his training instilled goes awry when the damsel believes she’s not the one who needs saving. As the two dive into the murky depths of the past, they unearth someone—or someones—willing to kill to keep the truth silent. Can they discover their answers...  

Before they go under?

Fire is spreading. Who will Bask? who will burn?

Faded Flare, Book Two


A handicap is only one if you let it be. In the case of Henley Bickford, it was a tool manipulated to improve upon herself. Until recently she was a hard-working grant-awardee student at a prestigious school generating technology to handle the changing climate. That is until she learned the clause in her contract meant literal termination upon completion... 

 Now, Henley’s on the run to escape her termination and warn her sister before she follows in Henley’s footsteps.


When you knowingly step into the enemy’s clutches to learn at their very hands, having an escape plan is essential. But when nerdy Buster Acton finally looks up from his research to dart out the door, his conscience recognizes a girl he can't leave behind; she could be an asset... 

With the girl, and the two he intended to break out, Buster—whose real name is Ace—has to modify his mission to protect the nation from traveling solo to being part of a team.


Outrunning the brightest minds in the country isn’t easy. The only way to reach their families across the country with their warnings in tow is to expose their secrets and learn to hold hands, intertwining android and flesh fingers... 

Before their own creations catch them.

Drought is baking.

Who will dry?

Who will fry?

Arid Alarm, Book Three


When a trade puts Valerie Acton, the government’s Natural Disaster Management Director, in a genetic lab that can alter appearances, it’s easy to convince even her brother that she is superhuman creator Jennifer Tate. But she’s just discovered that the exchange partner she thought she sent to safety met an explosive end…

Trapped with what feels like the last man on Earth, Val must table her independent streak to reevaluate her plans to save humanity.


When he offered to remain behind on a rundown farm and care for someone else’s diseased elderly, Reed Stanley, a trained bodyguard, didn’t expect to enjoy his sentence. But his company toes his banter and has both looks and brains. Hopefully they can survive long enough for his damaged heart to reopen…

After all, the death of Reed’s last girlfriend was an accident.


With the drought depleting nearby drinking water and baking local agriculture, Reed and Val are at the mercy of their friends’ ability and willingness to return and rescue them during multiple natural disasters…

Unless their tension fries each other first.

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